Everyday Make-Up Essentials

When it comes to make-up and what to do with it I’m a bit of a novice, in that I tend not to stray away from the unfamiliar. I tend not to wear a lot of make-up so in all honesty in comparison to most girls my collection is probably pretty pathetic! This is mainly because I tend to stick to using the same products all the time, but what I do use, does work effectively for me.

My daily make-up consists of pencil eyeliner (Barry M Kohl Pencil), Mascara (Max Factor False Lash Effect), Eyebrow Pencil (Rimmel – Hazel) and a small amount of blusher just to add a bit of colour to my pale complexion (Max Factor Creamy Blush – Soft Copper)

What I love about all these products, is that even though they aren’t the cheapest of options, they always last me a long time so I never feel guilty about spending a little bit extra. The creamy blush especially last me forever because you don’t need to use a lot for it to be effective and give you good coverage. PERFECT!! As for my mascara, I’ll admit I have experimented with various brands but I always go back to the Max Factor False Lash Effect.  I just love how the brush just glides effortlessly through my lashes and effectively creates a longer lash look that’s still looks natural but can also be made dramatic when you want it to. I do tend to alternate between the black and the brown/black, they are both awesome!!

When it comes to eyebrow pencil, I have only recently started using it, but again I don’t use a alot. Being a red-head I have horribly light eyebrows, which are also patchy (thanks to me deciding to cut them with scissors when I was a child, and they never grew back properly – stupid child!) so I simply use pencil just to fill them a little and make them look a bit better. It’s also great for creating illusion of a better shape to them, because I’m not great at shaping with tweezers.

For my eyeliner, I’ve always used pencil just because I don’t get on well with liquid. Whenever I try liquid it always goes horribly wrong or looks too structured. With pencil I find it’s better for a more subtle, natural look which is what I always go for. I also prefer the glide of the pencil against my eyelid as opposed to liner brushes which for some reason I find hard to control (probably me being a bit of a div though!). Highly recommend Barry M Kohl Pencil in Black and Brown 🙂

I do want to try out new looks and techniques for make-up,  so any suggestions feel free to comment 🙂

Any make-up essentials you can’t live without in your daily routine? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Everyday Make-Up Essentials

  1. We are makeup artists that author a beauty blog because we always get asked about what products are good and how to use them. We read your post and thought you might be interested in having a look at the makeup case. Enjoy your new blog….Amy and Bec xoxo

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