What’s In My Bag… [TAG]

I’ve been watching loads of these types of videos on YouTube recently and seeing as I’m not brave enough to actually create a YouTube channel for myself, I thought I’d do a little ode to them on my blog. Plus, everyone is always a little curious as to what others carry around in their bags…or is that just me?!

So, this is the bag I use pretty much everyday, a NICA caramel shoulder bag with brown embroidery detail and a butterfly charm. I bought it from Debenhams about 4 years ago and it has lasted me so well, and it’s probably one of the most expensive items I’ve ever bought. I never thought I would ever pay £45 for a handbag (and I never have since!) but this was definitely worth every penny because I’ve got so much use out of it and it’s only suffered a little bit of wear and tear. I absolutely love NICA and think their designs for handbags and purses are always really quirky, and although this isn’t real leather you still can’t deny the quality of it.

And what about the contents, I hear you say, well its fair to say I tend to keep a fair amount of junk in my bag the majority of the time so lets just go from exactly whats in it at this moment in time…

Brown Nica Twist Lock Purse
I had this for Christmas last year, and as I’ve already said I adore Nica in every shape and form. This purse caught my eye as soon as I saw it and I think it was around £20 when my Mam bought it for my in a 20% off day in House of Fraser. It’s a roomy purse with plenty of card slots, and a coin section as well as plenty of space for notes and receipts! I love the lining inside all of Nica’s products aswell they are always really cute and quirky.

Which have more keyrings than actual keys on them. Just have my flat keys, and key for my parents house, usually I would have my car key as well but unfortunately I don’t have my car with me at the moment and it’s living at my parents 😦 Just for the record…one of my prized pocessions is my Back to the Future keyring which I have had for almost 10 years…and even though it’s looking a bit tatty it’s still going strong!!

iPhone 3G
Ancient in comparison to all the fancy new things the iPhone 4s can do but I still couldn’t be without it. Complete with its very own (though i’m sure not unique) cracked screen feature, but it still works fine and does everything I need it to so I’m not in any hurry to replace it anytime soon. I could never switch to any other model phone after having this though…iPhone forever!!

Radley Spotted Coin Purse
I always keep my change in a seperate purse just because the coin section isn’t very big and I hate when purses go all bulky from being stuffed full of change. I also had this for Christmas last year in a little set from my brother and sister-in-law and it came with a cute little Radley dog key-ring too (“,)

Topshop Cotton Shopping Bag
It might seem strange carrying a bag inside another bag but since the Welsh assembly government decided to make it law to charge for a carrier bag (even crappy Primark ones that are made of recycled paper and fall to pieces!) I always keep this with me.  I refuse to pay 5 pence for a carrier bag, especially when I have a million of the things in my house that I always reuse. 🙂

Railcard Holder
This never leaves my bag because I depend on the train to get me to and from work and I would probably die if I had to pay the full price 4 times a week for my journey. At £26 for a year, you can’t go wrong especially when you say 1/3 on your fare everytime you use it, and make your money back in no time! Plus everyone loves a bit of discount, so I’d recommend anyone eligible to get one! My cute little cupcake case is from Paperchase (£4 I think) and I love it!!

Diary & Pen
Although my life isn’t particularly busy or exciting I like to keep this with me just in case I need to write anything down, and keep track of all the hours I do in work because I have a memory like a sieve! The diary I had for Christmas last year but I have no idea where it is from.

Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray
This smells absolutely amazing, lasts for ages and is as cheap as chips! I hate aerosol body sprays, how they choke you and everyone around you so this is perfect for me. The bottle is a perfect size to carry around in your bag, not too big or too small. The scent lasts ages on your skin as well so I would definitely recommend it to anyone. (almost run out, must repurchase soon!!)

Aloe Vera Vaseline
A must have in any handbag if you ask me, especially now the weather has started getting colder chapped lips are an always in my life right now especially after coming out of work which is boiling and then out into the freezing cold. I also love the cocoa butter vaseline, but I seem to have lost my pot 😦 and I just don’t like the original because the taste is horrible!

Simple Kind to Skin Revitalising Eye Roll On
Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog will know how much I love simple products and this is no exception and I couldn’t do without this little beauty. It’s great for refreshing my eyes when I’m feeling a bit groggy and great for when I’m feeling a bit drowsy on the train and need a bit of a boost (probably sounds ridiculous but it does genuinely make me feel more awake after I’ve used it) It is also supposed to help reduce dark circles and puffiness which I can’t say I’ve found it does but its definitely great for a little refresh throughout the day. You get 15ml of product and it lasts ages!!

Savlon Blister Plasters
Because if there is anything I moan most about it’s my feet. I spend all of my time of my feet when I am in work and so these are a life saver when it comes to rubbing (me and most shoes do not get on!) They are nice and cushioned so prevent blisters even appearing if you apply them to your most blister prone areas and also ease the pain of any blisters you might already have. They are quite pricey for only 5 in a pack but in desperate times of foot pain they are a god send!

And that’s it folks, not actually as full of junk as I thought it would be, usually it’s full of receipts! Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks for reading! x


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