Bourjois – Healthy Mix Serum Review

Healthy Mix Serum – Gel Foundation
Shade 51 – Light Vanilla

I’ll be frank, as I’m not someone who wears foundation very often I feel a bit of a fraud doing a review on something I don’t know an awful lot about, but then I hope this review can also come in handy to those like me who are a little anxious of foundations as I think this could be a good product to use in order to ease yourself into using foundation.
When I first used this foundation, I think I realised the reason’s why I haven’t always liked foundations I have tried in the past, and I think it could be a solution to those reasons, but still allow me to have a nice finish to my skin that I would want foundation to achieve for me.

So, I was having a browse around Boots earlier this week, and spotted an offer on the Bourjois range (3 for 2 on all products right now) I’d heard a lot about their Healthy Mix Foundation via YouTube and so I was drawn in to see how much it was. I noticed they had two varieties available; the original foundation and the serum, so I tested the lightest shade of the serum and then decided to pick myself up a bottle. The first thing that caught my eye (or should I say nose) about this product was the smell. It doesn’t have the usual powdery smell of foundation which often puts me off using them. In fact, this serum smells lovely and fruity and is really pleasant on the skin, which I assume is down to the ‘vitamin rich fruit therapy’ stated on the bottle.

Morning Application

I was also impressed with the colour match to my skin, as I’m quite pale and find that shades are either too light and wash me out or are too dark and make me look orange. This however was perfect for me and as it is a light coverage foundation it blended in nicely to my skin tone . For me personally I hate the idea of actually looking like I have a face full of make-up (except around my eyes, love doing my eye make-up!) and I also have never liked the feel on my skin as foundations I’ve used in the past have been quite heavy. For me, the light coverage of the Healthy Mix Serum is perfect as it doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m caked in make-up, but still manages to disguise the aspects of my face I want to cover up. This mainly means my freckles which I don’t like to completely mask but just make them a little less domineering on my face. The coverage of this product probably won’t be for everyone, because it is very light but if like me you like the ‘no make-up’ look then it is definitely one to try out.

It left my skin feeling lovely and soft and hasn’t caused drying to my skin at all, I find it very nourishing, leaving me with a nice natural dewy complexion. It is also easy to remove at the end of the day too with my facial wipes.

I really like how the product is packaged as well, in a nice slim 30ml bottle which is easy and dainty enough to carry around in your bag and could probably fit nicely in most make-up bags too. It also has a pump dispenser which just makes getting the product out so much easier and more hygienic as well.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this buy and this it is something I will be using more often and might even encourage me to wear foundation more often when my skin is looking a bit dull and needs a nice even finish.

You can currently purchase the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Boots for £10.99 online or in Boots stores I think they currently have a reduced offer on it for £8.99 ( at least I think that’s how much I paid for it)

Later in the evening

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