LUSH ‘Stepping Stone’ Foot Scrub – Review

*Advanced Warning* This post contains images of feet that some readers may find offensive. I know some people can be a little squeamish when it comes to feet so this post might not be for you 🙂

My feet have seen a lot of wear and tear over the last year or so. Working in a job where you are constantly on your feet for 8 hours a day certainly takes it’s toll so I decided it was time I tried to take better care of them, and make more of an effort to look after them, especially during the Summer months (if the weather ever allows for flip-flops to be acceptable!) So, on a recent trip to Lush I thought I’d seek some advice about what products they had to offer for hagered old feet like mine, and the sales assistant was great with pointing me in the right direction and even offering me demo’s of a few products, and as a result I decided to pick up the ‘Stepping Stone’ Foot Scrub.

The biggest issues I have with my feet are that of dry hard skin on my heels, which often leads to the skin cracking and just looking generally disgusting so the fact this product contains pumice really appealed to me as I thought it would be great for removing any dead skin.

Now, to me it would see this product is quite elusive around the internet, as I found it quite hard to find out much about it. Even the Lush website doesn’t give any real instruction on how to use it so I thought as well as tell you my thoughts I’d explain how to get the best out of the product too.

*Note* It’s best to do one foot at a time, as the process can be quite messy…

  • Break a small section off in your hand and add a tiny bit of warm water in order to make a paste
  • Be careful not to add too much water, as this will cause the product to fizz up and start dissolving

  • You can also add a little piece to a bowl of hot water ready to soak your feet in once you are ready to rinse
  • Once you have your paste work it into the top and bottom of you feet, putting more where you have problem areas.
  • Cover your whole foot, to leave a citrus-y fresh mask all over your foot

  • Leave to sink into the skin for around 5 minutes, occasionally massaging your feet to exfoliate.
  • Once your ready (or your leg’s gone dead from trying to keep it off the floor) pop your feet into your bowl of hot water, to rinse and soak for as long as your fancy.
  • When satisfied, pat dry your feet with a nice fluffy towel, to reveal clean, silky soft and fresh smelling tootsies
  • If necessary use a pumice stone to remove any excess skin that has softened.
  • Et, Voila!
As you can see, the Stepping Stone hasn’t done absolute wonders for my feet but I definitely could feel and see an improvement. It did leave my feet feeling beautifully soft and smooth, without feeling oily or sticky. The smell is also absolutely divine and so fresh and uplifting, just what you need after a very long tiring day at work.
My biggest critisism of this product is how messy the whole process is, the ‘stone’ breaks up very easily which means its very easy for the green powder to go absolutely everywhere (and leave marks on your Mum’s cream bath mat! Oops!) and also if you do add too much water to the product it does feel a little bit of a waste because of how quickly it dissolves and then can become unusable. However, if used properly (once you’ve got the hang of it) if you use just the right amount, you can get your money’s worth out of the product as you get a good size stone which can be used a good number of times.
I’m not sure whether this is something I would rush out again to buy in a hurry but I will definitely continue to use what I have and see how much more of an improvement I notice. If nothing else, I can’t deny how lovely and fresh it leaves my feet feeling after a long day and the scent is enough to make me forget any minor negatives.
Are their any Lush products for the feet you would recommend? And what are your favourite Lush products?
Thanks for reading! x



2 thoughts on “LUSH ‘Stepping Stone’ Foot Scrub – Review

  1. I have never found a foot scrub that really works and believe I’ve tried loads! I think the best way to get rid of dry skin is to get a pedicure where they shave off the dry skin after soaking your feet or go to a chiropodist. Then use products like this to maintain. Once you have build up of dead dry skin a bit of pumice isn’t going to help your hooves! 😀

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