My Nail Polish Collection

Nail polish was probably the first girly thing I really got into when I was a teenager. I was never really a girly girl growing up and didn’t even start wearing make up until I was 18, but painting my nails was something I always enjoyed and still do. My obsession over the years has just grown and so my collection has quite happily grown with it. I remember one of my first posts when I started blogging was a nail polish collection post and I’d say it looked pretty measly in comparison to how it looks now, even though it’s still pretty small compared to most beauty blogger standards I’m sure. When I was going through them all in preparation for this post, I definitely started to see a pattern in my colour choices, which you’ll see with blue, green and purple tending to appear rather a lot!

So here it is folks, my nail polish collection…

Barry M
Barry M was the first brand I ever had a real obsession with, and at one point felt like I had to own every colour. I currently have 22 polishes from them, and this has been condensed down after selling quite a lot that I just was never using. I love how these apply, and their staying power is consistent throughout the collection, and at the bargain starting price of £2.99 each you really can’t go wrong. One thing is for sure, I definitely want to add more of the Gelly Hi-Shine’s to my collection soon. You can get all the polishes mentioned here

Top Row (L-R) Mushroom, Mint Green, Pale Purple, Black, Matte White, Gold Mine Glitter
Bottom Row (L-R) Amethyst Glitter, Navy, Emerald Green, Coral, Bright Purple

Top Row (L-R) Racing Green, Blue Glitter, Silvery Lilac, Silver Foil, Silver Multi Glitter, Pink Sapphire
Bottom Row (L-R) Lilac Foil, Blueberry, Blue Grape, Purple Nail Effects, Black Nail Effects

Topshop Nails
One of my favourite things to do is pop into my local Topshop and stand in awe of their whole wall of nail polishes. You really can’t fault their shade range, and keeping up with the latest trends for colour and texture. Their consistency can be a little hit and miss but all in all I adore these polishes. Topshop especially have their glitter polishes down to a T.

Top Row (L-R) Green Room, Causing a Stir, Hypnotic (Limited Edition), Mercury Miasma, Lead
Bottom Row (L-R) Paint it On, Beyond the Sea

Top Row (L-R) Adrenalin, Razzmatazz, 3D, Junkyard (Limited Edition), Pipe Dream
Bottom Row (L-R) Adornment, Daredevil

Every bloggers favourite brand I’d say, and definitely if I had the money I’d have more of them in my grasp. The consistency of these polishes is faultless, never too runny or too gloopy and the brush just makes application completely effortless, even if like me you weren’t gifted with the steady hand required for precision nail painting. I’m even going to put it out there and say Fiji is probably my favourite polish ever! You can find your favourite Essie polishes here

Top Row (L-R) Bikini So Teeny, Fiji, Sunday Funday, Naughty Nautical, Full Steam Ahead
Bottom Row (L-R) Aruba Blue, Recessionista

Model’s Own
Another brand that always keeps well up to date on nail trends, with a shade range that’s easy to get sucked into. I don’t find the staying power of these all that great and the smell is a little funky but easy application and great colours. I love how models own frequently bring out new collections, their new Hyper-Gel range is especially tempting me at the moment. Find them here

(L-R) Pink Punch, Pukka Purple, Beach Party, Aqua Violet, Snowflakes, Ibiza Mix

I absolutely adore the Avon Nailwear Pro polishes and always think it’s a shame that you don’t see more of them around in the blogging world. I wonder whether people just don’t realise how good they are, but I definitely think they are really underrated. Their consistency is great, the brush is easy to work with and the colour range is fab! The staying power is also amazing, I wore Peppermint on my toes for my holiday last year and it didn’t budge the whole time I was there.

(L-R) Violetta Sparkle, Peppermint, Loving Lavender, Dynamo

My only two O.P.I purchases have been made via getting them cheaper than they usually would be, just because £13 is a lot of money for a nail varnish. One I got from a blog sale, the other at Duty Free on holiday last year. I love them both, but wasn’t overly impressed with the quality of them for the money they cost. I do love the names though, O.P.I get 10/10 for creativity on that front.

(L-R) Divine Swine, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Another drugstore brand who just know how to get it right when it comes to good quality nail polish for a reasonable price. Easy application, excellent colour payoff and general all round greatness! I have no idea why I don’t have more of these to be perfectly honest, something will have to be done about that! You can find all the polishes here

(L-R) Green with Envy, Pompous, Sky High, Disco Ball, Peppermint, Nail Nurse Base and Top Coat

The last few polishes are just an accumulation of different brands that I just have one of there nail offerings. The stand outs here for me are Supernova which I got from Urban Outfitters and Bourjois’ 1 seconde gel polish in Blue No Blues.

Top Row (L-R) Max Factor Max Effect – Fantasy Fire, Max Factor Nailfinity – Angel Nails, W.I.P – Supernova, MeMeMe – Cleopatra, Nails Inc -Luminous Red Metallic (Free with Colgate)
Bottom Row (L-R) 17 Nail Effects – Monochrome Graffiti, Gosh – Holographic Hero, Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Effect – Blue no Blues

And so that wraps up my nail polish collection as it stands. I don’t think I actually realised just how many I had!

What are your favourite polishes, do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! x


6 thoughts on “My Nail Polish Collection

    • Thank You! I’ve never tried any china glaze polishes but I’ve always heard good things about them 🙂 I’ll have to try and get my hands on some. x

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