Weekly Wishlist #2

I’ve decided after a lot of spending, on a majority of things that I don’t need that for the next month I am going to try and avoid buying anymore clothes or make up. Quite frankly I have more than enough of both and I just think it’s about time that I start saving some money for the future. It also gives me a great chance to use up everything I already have cosmetics wise, and get some good use out of all the clothes that fill my wardrobe.

Having said that however, that doesn’t mean I can’t still wish for things so I’ll still be doing my weekly wishlist posts, just so I can lust over things even if it means I don’t actually buy them. All of the things I’ve picked this week are all under £20 which brings temptation, but I shall be strong!!!

Black Zara Shopper Dube – Ebay £11.99

A much cheaper and pretty impressive alternative for the ever so popular at the moment Zara shopping bag. I was pointed in the direction of this beauty by Gemma’s Haul video on YouTube. I think the quality looks decent and I prefer the smaller size of this than the Zara one. I’ve been looking for a decent black handbag that I can use everyday for a long while, but I going to hold off or at least maybe treat myself when I know I’ve put some money aside for my savings.

Topshop Nails – Valley –  Topshop £6

This has recently popped up in my local store, and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know I find it hard to resist a new nail polish! The beautiful mint green with silver sparkle running through it is just beautiful and is perfect for the summer. I think it would look great for toe nails with a cracking pair of sandals…that’s if we ever get the weather for them!

MUA ‘Undressed’ Palette – £4

I’m a massive fan of anything MUA, especially their eyeshadow palettes. So I was super excited when I found out they were releasing a new neutral palette. It’s an uncanny dupe for Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ Palette and an absolute steal for £4. The pigmentation is amazing and the colours are just up my street. This is probably the most likely thing to be the culprit of me breaking my ‘no spending’ rule and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Sadly my local Superdrug’s range of MUA seems to be going downhill lately so I’m not expecting to see it in store anytime soon, so I might need to make an online order!

Coral Peplum Jersey Top – Topshop £16

I’ve been having a bit of a thing for peplum lately, I find it so flattering for my ‘lack of curves’ petite frame, because the shape gives an amazing illusion of curves. This particular top comes in a range of colours…dangerous, as it can lead to multiple purchases of the same top in different colours but that coral really caught my eye. I also really like the burgundy version as I think it will be perfect for the Autumn/Winter season that lurks upon us, i’m suspecting burgundy to be huge next season! I tried this on in my local store, and the fit was amazing and I actually think for Topshop the price is pretty reasonable too.

What are you lusting after this week?

Thanks for reading! x

Weekly Wishlist #1

I’ve seen quite a lot of people doing these sort of posts on blogs recently so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share with you all, some of the lovely products I’d love to get my hands on over the next couple of weeks. More than likely I’ll have to wait until my next payday before I can treat myself to any of these things as I’m trying to save some money to go towards either a newer car or a new laptop…I can’t quite decide between the two at the moment. This will also help me keep track of things I’ve seen around the shops and online so that I know where I can get them once I know I can afford a cheeky splurge. I’ll try and do these weekly, as I do pop into the shops after work most days, so I’ve always got plenty to lust after.

Essie Nail Polish – Tart Deco (Superdrug £7.99)

I’ve been admiring swatches of this on quite a few blogs recently and think it’s just the perfect colour for Summer. If I was going anywhere near a beach this year, this would definitely be a must have on my toe nails. I’ve also recently purchased my first ever Essie polish, so live in expectation of this being just as enjoyable to use. A little on the pricey side though and I also have way too many polishes so think I’ll hold off for a while yet.

Vectra Blue Studded Loafers (Topshop £28)

I already have the nude leather look version with the gold studs and have worn them to death since I bought them. They are so comfortable! I absolutely adore the colour, as I love anything turquoise. The photo doesn’t do them justice as they look nothing like this in real life as they are definitely more of a bright turquoise than the pastel blue they appear here. My only issue with these would be the canvas material of them, as they probably wouldn’t be that practical in the ever predictable wet British weather, but I shall continue to admire them every time I see them in my local store.

Denim Sequin Front Hotpants (Topshop £35)

These are most definitely not something I would usually go for, but when I saw them in my local store recently they just caught my eye straight away. I’m not usually one for glitzy things, but I love wearing denim shorts and I just thought these were just awesome and are dressy enough to wear on a night out without being too out there, with only the front of them being sequined. I did try these on and for me the fit of them wasn’t ‘arse on show’ revealing so they were just right for me, as I like to keep my buttocks firmly out of sight (not that there is much to see, as I’m sadly not blessed with curves) Again what puts me off is the price, as they are pretty pricey for a pair of shorts…but the detailing of the sequins might just justify a purchase at some point in the future.

Mint Sleeveless Sequin Collar Top (Glamorous – £23.99)

I’ve been lusting after this ever since I saw Alix from icovetthee wearing it in her ‘Shopping the Stash’ video. I think the colour is just gorgeous and the sequin collar is just really cute. I was thinking I would pair it with the denim shorts I’ve already mentioned but worry it might be a bit too sequin heavy? What do you think? Finding this little gem might also have opened a dark place, as I’d never heard of Glamorous before, but they have so many nice pieces on their website I’m now mentally spending rather a lot of money every time I visit, and it’s definitely now bookmarked on my browser!

So there we have it… What have you been lusting over recently? Are there any fashion websites you would recommend?

Thanks for reading! x


I’ve been Nominated! – Versatile Blogger

Sorry for such a long delay since my last post. It’s been a mental couple of weeks and I’ve just felt like I’ve had no time to myself at all! But anywhooo, I got a lovely surprise a few weeks ago when I found out that I have been very kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by two lovely fellow bloggers. For me I still find it very hard to believe that anybody would choose to read my ramblings but to know that people do actually read my blog and enjoy doing so, it something that is really lovely to know and makes my silly little hobby even more special to me.

I’d like to thank Tomiko from Organized Journal and Jade from Beauty Bliss for nominating me, it really means so much to me. You should also check out both of these blogs as I really enjoy reading them myself.

As I’ve been nominated myself it seems only fair that I share the love around and mention all the blogs I enjoy reading myself and perhaps introduce those who read my blog to people they may not have come across before…Although I’m sure a lot of them most would be familiar with 🙂

Them’s the Rules…

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 Random Facts About Me

1) I’m the biggest fan of FRIENDS and am currently making my way through my complete series box set after not watching it for about a year and a half. I always think giving something a break for a while makes you realise the brilliance of it when you go back to it later.

2) I don’t have my ears pierced and don’t think I ever will… the idea of having holes in my ears completely freaks me out and my fear stems back from when a girl in my class at primary school used to twist her studs around in her ears and it’s stuck with me ever since. *shudder*

3) Growing up I was never particularly ‘girly’.  Until I was about 17 I never wore make-up, lived in tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts. Most people who knew me then probably wouldn’t believe that I now blog about make-up and fashion as I never really cared how I looked and pretty much looked like a boy most days…

4) My favourite meal in the whole world is good old Sausage & Mash.

5) Over the years I’ve learnt to love the fact that I’m a natural red-head. I still go through stages where I absolutely hate it, but I no deep down I would now never change it… I’ll never understand the ‘bad’ stigma attached to the idea of a person being ‘ginge’ but I’ll embrace the fact that I’m more unique than your average blonde or brunette! haha

6) It’s quite possible that I could re-sight the entire script of Back to the Future, word for word.

7) My biggest hope for the future would be that I will eventually discover what I want to do as a career and make the years I spent studying for my degree worth while, and make something of myself, for myself and nobody else.

My Nominations – I can only hope that my blog will one day be as amazing as these blogs that I read on a day to day basis. I know I still have a long way to go and a lot of improvements to make but a lot of these blogs give me a lot of inspiration and I enjoy reading every word of them 🙂

1) The Beauty of Louise

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3) sarahlouxo

4) Thoughts in Little Boxes

5) Raspberrykiss

6) milkteef

7) Sprinkle of Glitter

8) Em’s Mixed Bag…

9) milk bubble tea

10) Calamity Girl

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12) The A.M Beauty

13) Zoella

14) Dolly Bow Bow

15) Sailorjennie

Primark, Topshop & New Look Haul

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! But i’m back with a pretty big haul for you. I had a pretty nice payslip this month, thanks to the tax man finally giving me back the money he owed me so as I’ve gone a good few months without making any major purchases I thought I definitely deserved to treat myself. So all of this stuff is an accumilation over the last few weeks and I’m pretty chuft with everything, and even bagged a few bargains along the way 🙂 I’ve bought a collection of cosmetics, clothes and accessories over the last few weeks so I thought I’d do three separate posts…starting off with the clothes and a few bits I picked up in Primark.

So the first thing I got was this cute striped canvas shopping bag which is just a great size and a good investment seeing as we now have to pay for carrier bags in Wales. At only £1.50 it was a bargain and I just love the colour and I’m a sucker for stripes. And here’s all the goodies I filled it up with…

'City of Love' Motif T-Shirt - £3

Primark currently have loads of these cute motif t-shirts in store and this one just caught my eye. It’s lightweight and a really nice fit and I think it will look great with a pair of denim shorts in the summer.

Nautical Stripe Sundress - £5

They had a big range of these style dresses out last year as well, but this one is right up my street. I love navy and white stripes together as I think it’s just so smart and the fit of the dress is really flattering and girly. It’s not the best material but at only £5 you can’t really expect miracles. I absolutely love this and know I’ll wear it a lot over the coming months.

Turquoise sheer shirt - £10

I’d seen this style shirt a lot around You Tube and blogs recently but never in this colour and it’s not something I would usually pick out but the colour just grabbed me, and when I tried it on I was sold. It’s such a nice fit and I think would look great with black skinny jeans or even shorts. It’s very sheer so unless you’re very brave (which I am not!) you definitely need a cami underneath it, but luckily I bought the perfect match in Primark last year so I’m all set 🙂

This next top I got from Topshop, which is somewhere I never ever usually shop because I just can’t justify the prices but I recently spotted this is one of Amelia’s Haul’s on YouTube and it was just my sort of thing. Like I’ve already said I love navy and white stripes and I also thought the price was pretty good for something from Topshop…

Nautical Stripe Sweater - £20

The only thing I’m finding with this is the shape is a little bit strange. It fits me everywhere apart from around the tops of my shoulders where it seems really baggy, and this is even from the Petite range so I’m slightly confused as my shoulders are usually where things are usually tighter as I have quite broad shoulders for someone of my size. Other than that it’s really smart looking and the white is just so fresh looking for this season.

I also went on a bit of a splurge in New Look recently and if I do say so myself, managed to get a good few bargains. I really do advise anyone who is petite to definitely check out the Generation section in New Look because seriously the sizes are not just suited for kids… I’m 24 years old, and found myself being able to fit in Age 13 clothes… yes, some stuff is young looking but you can find some real gems too and for half the price of the adult section!

Aztec Heart Motif T-Shirt - £7.99

This was actually in the adult section (so I didn’t just buy kids stuff!lol) and as soon as I saw it I just knew I had to buy it. I’m really loving the aztec prints this season and the pop of neon colour is really cool against the black on this t-shirt. The quality is really nice too for the price.

Flower Print Side Tie Top - £12.99

This was from the Generation section and I think it’s really pretty and perfect for the spring. They had something very similar in the adult section for around £20 so it just shows you can shop around. It’s Age 13 but it’s very generous and given I have quite big boobs I was suprised that this fitted me, but it’s perfect.

Heart Print Jersey Skirt - £2

Admittedly I have no idea when I’m going to wear this, but I thought it was really cute and would look nice with just a plain vest top and some leggings. Probably if I go on holiday at all this year I’d wear this for the beach, but it’s really comfy and for £2 you can’t go wrong!

Green Cord Shorts - £6

These are soooo comfy and they were also a bargain, reduced from £13.99. They look a bit Robin Hood and his merry men from the picture but they look really nice on and are great quality. It’s still pretty chilly here (even though it’s Spring) so I’d definitely pair these with maybe some brown tights and I think they would also look cute with the floral top I’ve already shown you.

So that’s all my fashion bits… not bad really for a grand total of £68.50! Marvelous! 🙂

Thanks for reading! x



Collective Haul

So, here is a few bits and pieces I’ve accumilated over the last couple of weeks. They are only little things but I still thought them worth sharing with you all and seeing what you think.  The majority of the haul is stuff I’ve picked up from Superdrug over the last few weeks and then I also have a few bits from H&M and Topshop  too.

So first up, a few little bits from Superdrug, including their own brand acetone free nail polish remover and dry shampoo in ‘heart on your sleeve’. I haven’t used the polish remover yet but after hearing rave reviews about their dry shampoo I’ve found myself pretty disappointed with that. Although the smell of this one is really nice, I found that it left my hair looking more greasy than before I put it in. Perhaps I used it wrong so I will give it another try but I will say one good thing about it, is that it doesn’t leave white residue all over your hair like the Batiste ones tend to do.

I also picked up the Dove ‘Go Fresh’ Roll on deodorant that has a pomegranate & lemon verbena scent, which smells delicious! Again I haven’t used this yet, but I have used the lemongrass scented from the same range and found that really nice and refreshing to use. I also picked up another of the £1 MUA powder blushes, this time in shade 5, a coral/pink with a slight gold shimmer.
Probably my favourite purchases from Superdrug recently, have to be the MUA Love Hearts Collection  Nail Polishes and Lip Balm. These have only been released in a limited number of Superdrug stores but luckily the Cardiff store was one of them so I had to check them out. When I went in, these were the only colours of the range left, but were the ones I really wanted so I was chuft to pieces. I picked up three of the polishes in shades, ‘U Rok’, ‘Love U 24/7’ and ‘U R FAB’  (£2 each, bargain!!) and one of the lip balms in ‘Sugar Lips’. The lip balm smells lovely with a sweet vanilla scent and is a really nice pink colour. It’s very moisturising on the lips without being sticky and also doesn’t have a taste, so no temptation of licking my lips so much they end up sore again. I’ve only tested out one of the nail polishes so far, which you can see in my latest NOTD post. Like with the other MUA polishes I have I’m really impressed with the application and the formula means you only need to use one coat for the polish to be opaque on your nails.

On the cosmetics front I also popped into Savers and picked up the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On, which is one of my staple items. If you do use this I highly recommend if you have a Savers near you then buy it there as apposed to Boots or Superdrug as it is significantly cheaper there. I only paid £2.99 for it and in Boots and Superdrug it retails for over a fiver. So it always pays to shop around!

I’ve also lately gone a little bit Yankee Candle crazy, and recently picked up three of their samplers (Vanilla Cupcake, Beach Flowers and Cloudy Lemonade) because I just can’t get enough of the scents. As I type I have a small jar in Vanilla Lime burning which I also bought in the sale a month or so ago. Of the three I think the Beach Flowers scent is my favourite and the colour is also really cute. I cannot wait to sit back and relax in my living room with these beauties burning 🙂

I also popped into H&M and when I set eyes on these next things I couldn’t stop myself from buying them. They are just soooo cute and after a bit of break I’ve got back into wearing jewellery more often again. These rings come in a pack of three and were £3.99 I also picked up a pair of polka dot hair bows in the sale for £1.50. I absolutely love the ladybird ring because it’s so dainty and cute.

Lastly, (yes you can breathe a sigh of relief it’s almost over!) I picked up this cute little waist belt from Topshop for a bargain at £3. I absolutely love the colour and I have lots of ideas of what to pair it up with already, so hopefully it will be featuring in an OOTD soon!

So, that’s the lot, Thanks for reading! x

Northern Exposure OOTD – Thursday

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but hopefully today’s outfit post will make up for it. 🙂 I went out to town today just to run some errands and it take a few things back to Primark that I decided against keeping and as it’s still pretty cold I thought best to layer up.

My jumper is a recent purchase from New Look and I must admit isn’t something I would normally have picked up, but it caught my eye in the shop and when I tried it on in the fitting room I just fell in love with it. It’s really and easy to wear a vest top underneath for the current colder weather, but it’ll be great for spring too because it’s not too thick. You can find it online here.I’ve paired it with a pair of light wash ‘boyfriend’ cut denim shorts from H&M. I seem to be living in shorts with tights at the moment!

For jewellery I’ve just combined some random bracelets from my collection, the two at the front of my wrist I picked up on holiday in Majorca (love the jewellery out there!) and I think the other two were from H&M a long time ago. I just love a mis-match of bracelets for a casual look.

My ring is another recent purchase, and if I do say so myself, a bargain at £1.50 from Topshop. I rummaged about a bit for my size but so glad I managed to find one. I don’t usually wear gold or gold effect jewellery but this really stood out to me.

For shoes I’ve just gone for the Navy pair of slip-on’s I got from Primark last week, again another bargain at £3 and they are soooo comfortable!

And to finish off and to keep cosy, I popped on my Navy quilted jacket again from New Look which is such a flattering fit, and currently using to death my Tan satchel bag I bought from Next about 2 years ago.

Thanks for reading! x