Superdrug Haul

Here’s a little haul of some bits I’ve picked up in Superdrug over the last 2 weeks, I feel like I’ve picked up a good few bargains lately so just wanted to share.

Original Carmex Lip Balm (Not pictured sorry)
I’d never used Carmex before now, but have heard so many good things about it via the ‘beauty blog-a-sphere’, so when I saw it on offer, plus 50 bonus beautycard points I thought I’d give it a try. It certainly lives up to the hype, leaving my lips really moisturised and feeling healthy. The formula seems to be pretty much identical to the Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner because the smell and texture is exactly the same, my only concern is that the taste and smell will start to turn on me after a while (as I found with the Blistex pot). The plus-side however is that these pots always last for ages so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Imperial Leather Sublime Shower Cream
On offer for 89p at the time I bought it so an absolute bargain. I has a pearlised apperance and texture and the smell of ‘star flower and pomegranate’ is to die for!! Because it’s a shower cream as apposed to a gel, I’m hoping it’s going to be really moisturising on my skin and I’m really looking forward to using it. I also really love the packaging, the bottle is lovely and sleek and the graphics are also really pretty.

Garnier ‘Simply Essentials’ Cleansing Wipes
Another bargain  buy at £1.49. I’d never used these before but thought I’d give them a try as they were significantly cheaper than my staple Simple Cleansing Wipes. They have zero perfume or colours and have been great for removing my eye make-up. The only thing I have noticed with using these wipes is that my eyes do seem to be quite sensitive  to them, as I’ve noticed them watering quite a lot after using them. This could just me having to adjust to using something new, after using Simple for so long. They do leave my skin feeling lovely and soft though 🙂

Superdrug Cotton Wool Buds
An everyday essential, and not very exciting but I wanted to pass on a little tip when looking to buy some. Always check out the baby care aisle first for them because they are so much cheaper than the one’s you will find in the cosmetics aisle. Plus the little purple bunny on the front is just too cute 😉

Superdrug Simply Pure Refreshing Toner
Another product I’ve not tried before but thought I’d give it a try. I’ve neglected toner in my daily routine recently, so thought it was time I started using it again, even though I’m still not entirely sure what toner is meant to do for your skin. Still, I’m interested to see if I notice any difference.

Superdrug Eyelash Curler & Blusher Brush
Another first for me (it’s becoming a bit of a theme in this post!), as I’ve never owned a pair of eyelash curlers before but again I thought I would give them a try. I didn’t want to spend a lot so I got myself some cheap own-brand beauties. The thought of using them has always sort of scared me, as they don’t look the most welcoming of contraptions, but I am intrigued to see how much difference using them makes to my lashes. I also picked up a cheap blusher brush to use with the next two things I’ll mention. As I’ve always used cream blush and applied with my fingers I’ve never really had the need for a brush so I thought it would come in handy.

MUA Powder Blush – Shade 4
I had to get my MUA fix on a trip to Superdrug, so picked up this blush for £1. I really wanted to try out a more pinky toned blush and this has a nice shimmer to it so hopefully will add a bit of glow to my complexion.

MUA Professional Mosaic Blush – English Rose Shade 3
Must have a thing for blush at the moment, saw this and really liked the mix of colour and think it would be great highlight also for my cheeks, really looking forward to trying it out and think it was about time I got into a new shade of blush after using Topshop’s Nugmeg Cream blush religiously for ages!

That’s the lot folks 🙂

Thanks for reading! x


Topshop Make-Up Mini Haul and Review

I’ve been wanting to try out the Topshop make-up range for ages! Every time I go in there I look at the make-up rather than the clothes (probably because the make-up is more in my price range lol!), and so this month I decided I would treat myself to a few things seeing as after I move out and start paying rent and bills, this is probably the last oppourtunity I’ll get in a while to treat myself to none essentials!

Initially I only wanted to get a nail polish, which I recently featured in my August wish list and after contemplating for ages over which one I was actually going to buy after numerous  other shades also caught my eye, I just decided to to get two. I picked up ‘Causing A Stir‘ a coral/orange colour and ‘The Green Room‘ a gorgeous eye catching teal(ish) shade (£5 each). I absolutely love them both and tried them both out as soon as I got home. Unfortunately I was a little dissapointed with the ‘Causing A Stir‘ shade, only because it was a little more orange than I had hoped it would be. I was thinking it was going to be a nice subtle coral shade but when I put it on my nails it was much much more orangey than I though, although I still really love it and it’s a nice go between for my Barry M Coral and Peach Melba 🙂 The outcome after one coat does leave it looking a little streaky too, but after two coats it does finish nicely. I was also really impressed with ‘The Green Room’ and this is definitely my favourite of the two, I love how its bright but not too over powering and I was really impressed with its staying power too, I wore it for about three days before taking it off and I don’t think it had chipped at all, so next time I use it, i’ll try and keep note of how long it lasts without chipping 🙂


On my visit to the store however, I couldn’t just stop at the nail polish, and so went and had a gander at the blushers…BIG MISTAKE, I loved them all and my hand was covered in swatches trying to choose between them all. In the end though, I decided to go for one of their cream blushes in ‘Nutmeg‘. The packaging is so cute and dainty and for £6 you get quite a decent amount of product, so I was really impressed because I know it will last me for a good while. The shade is like a pinky/brown, which I think will blend nicely with my skin tone, and it’s quite subtle so can be used everyday. My only problem now is I love the packaging and the way it looks all untouched that I find myself not wanting to use it because I don’t want to ruin it! hehe


The final product I got from the range was the black liquid eyeliner pen (£6.50). Now if you read my blog often you’ll know I’ve said in the past how I’ve never got on with liquid eyeliner and always prefer to use pencil. Well, when I saw the design of this liner, I thought to myself I do really want to start using liquid and learn how to use it effectively and when I saw how steady this pen was to use I thought this would be a good place to start.  It has a tip like a felt tip pen and is wide so easy to grip and control and it’s easy to use the tip to get a nice thin line, or use the side for a more dramatic wide look. The biggest problem I’ve encountered with this product so far though is, because it’s not waterproof,  my god does it run! I’ve been suffering from quite watery eyes lately (i think due to using one of my mascaras for a little too long) and when they were running I have a very dark line of eyeliner running to the corners of my eyes and at the sides where I had tried to gently wipe them. Fingers crossed though, now that I’ve stopped using the mascara that I think was the culprit I shall try the liner again and let you know if anything improves (“,)

So, I’ve been left pretty impressed by Topshop’s make-up range and really happy with what I did buy. I found their prices suprisingly reasonable too considering it was Topshop, and managed to get 4 products for £22.50. I will definately be going back at some point in the future to get another blusher and especially to get some more nail polish!

There are so many lovely shades of everything, and if you have the chance to go to a store where they stock all of what they have to offer I strongly urge you to make sure you have enough time to take it all in, there is literally a wall full of nail polishes and everything is so nicely displayed and packaged it really is worth taking a look. The price ranges do vary, as they do also have limited edition collections for each season, I think at the moment for Autumn/Winter 2011 the collection is called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ where the nail polishes are £6 i think and they also have mascaras and liners which vary in the £6-£11 range I think. All the products are also available on their website, so take a look (“,)

Any products from the range that you’ve tried and loved? Let me know!!