Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash

‘Enriched with natural almond oil and calendula extract, gently yet effectively cleanses your skin without drying it out’

I picked this up in the recent 3 for 2 offer that was on in Boots. 3 for 2’s always suck me in, even though most of the time they don’t really save me any money but end up making me buy things I don’t really need and essentially spending more more than I intended. However, it does give great opportunity to try out new things.

So anyway, on to the product… Ive been looking for a new cleanser to use within my daily routine so when i saw this, the ‘cream wash’ aspect of the title drew me in because I thought it would be soft and gentle on my often dry face.

After the first use I was pretty happy with the results. My face felt really lovely and soft and it didn’t feel abrasive or harsh on my skin when applying it. It also didn’t result in any stinging.

I did notice however my skin to be a little red after use and the next day I found myself with numerous spots breaking out on my face. This for me was really odd because I hardly ever get spots and when I do they are usually always in the same place. On this occasion I had one particularly painful spot on my forehead that took days to budge.
I had had a stressful few weeks so I thought perhaps these new friends on my face could be down to that, but still I refrained from using the cleanser for a few days until they cleared.

Then came the second time I used it, application again was fine, but afterwards my skin felt tight, flaky and incredibly dry. It was as if my face was crying for moisture and just a horrible feeling. As a result I had to cake my face in my trusty moisturiser just to get my skin feeling normal again.

So as you can probably guess, I am not impressed with this product at all and really regret buying it as now I’ll probably never use it again after only using it twice! It wasn’t particularly cheap either at around £3.89… (I could have got a meal deal for less than that and been more satisfied afterwards 😉 )

Considering it is supposed to be developed for sensitive skin it did exactly to my skin what I think it’s meant to prevent. Admittedly it could be just me having a bad reaction to something perhaps due to it have fragrance (which I usually tend to avoid)

I will add that the smell of this product also isn’t particularly appealing as to me it’s very soapy, like those cheap bars you get in hotels so this also put me off.

Have you tried this cleansing wash? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading! x

No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour – ‘So Simple’

So I was having a nose around the No.7 counter in my local Boots eager to find something to use my £5 off No.7 vouchers on. I’m one of those people that always gets these vouchers but never actually ever ends up using them so this time around I thought I would pick something up. As I’ve already mentioned in a previous post I picked up the No.7 facial wipes (review here) but I also picked up this nail polish. Now I’ve never really tried any of the No.7 nail polishes before so I was curious to see what they were like. None of the colours in the collection really stood out to me, and a lot of them seemed very ‘Mumsy’ to me or very similar to one’s I already had. In the end I decided on shade 170 ‘So Simple’ which is basically a very neutral, beige/nude colour. Let’s be honest it’s not the most exciting of choices, but it isn’t like anything else I already own so I thought I might as well give it a try. They retail at £7, which for a high street brand I think is a little bit pricey, but you do get a decent sized bottle at 10ml and obviously with my £5 off voucher I only had to pay £2 for it, so it was a nice bargain!

'So Simple'

In the bottle, you can see ever so slight hints of shimmer, although I didn’t really find that this transfers onto the nail when applied. The application was really nice and easy, but you do need 2/3 coats in order for the polish to be opaque. When dry you are left with a shine on your nails without even applying a top coat. Unfortunately the colour just does not suit my natural skin tone. I am far too pale to wear a shade like this, and it just leaves me looking like I have a manaquin hand. I think it would look great on someone with a darker skin tone and great with a tan though.

Application with 2 coats

I’m not saying I would never use this again though, I do like the fact that it can give an even looking finish to my nails on days when maybe I don’t want them to be completely bare but not in the mood for full colour. Perhaps for a subtle look for work.

Overall I was really pleased with consistency and the finish of the polish. It’s just a shame about the colour on me personally. Damn my ginger skin! 😉

Have you tried any of the No.7 Nail polishes? What did you think?

Thanks for reading! x

No.7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Facial Wipes


‘with pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise and soften, plus extracts of witch hazel and fennel to clear pores and leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh’

I bought these using my £5 off No.7 voucher I received in boots the other day. Now I’ll be straight with you, these face wipes retail at £7, and there is no way in hell I would ever pay that much for face wipes, and I think anyone that would seriously would need their head testing. So first off they are ridiculously overpriced. However, when you have a voucher and can buy them for £2 then they are worth giving a try at least and I did need some face wipes at the time.

The packaging is nice and simple and has the plastic flap like the Soap & Glory wipes used to have (but not anymore 😦 ) in order to keep the wipes moist. So that’s a good feature for definite. Another plus is that the wipes are fragrance free which means they don’t irritate my eyes and don’t leave my skin looking red after use.

The texture of the wipes also reminds me of how the Simple wipes used to be. Completely smooth and not with the ridges and bumps on them, so they are really nice and soft against the skin.

I found they removed my make up nicely although because they are really moist it does cause you to just slide bits of the make up around your face rather than remove it completely. Because of this it means you are using a larger amount of the wipe on a small area of your face and having to use maybe more than one to be able to remove everything effectively. And I don’t know about you but at £7 a pack id want to make sure I got 30 days out of 30 face wipes! Lol

They do leave my skin feeling lovely and soft after I’ve used them though.

Annoyingly these wipes are good and do the job they are required for. But I would probably only ever buy them again if I had a voucher for money off. This is because I don’t think what they do do, justifies their price tag. Especially when you can buy just as effective fragrance free wipes from other places for as little as a pound and get the same results.

Have you used these wipes? Do you think their results justify the price? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! x

Collective Haul

So, here is a few bits and pieces I’ve accumilated over the last couple of weeks. They are only little things but I still thought them worth sharing with you all and seeing what you think.  The majority of the haul is stuff I’ve picked up from Superdrug over the last few weeks and then I also have a few bits from H&M and Topshop  too.

So first up, a few little bits from Superdrug, including their own brand acetone free nail polish remover and dry shampoo in ‘heart on your sleeve’. I haven’t used the polish remover yet but after hearing rave reviews about their dry shampoo I’ve found myself pretty disappointed with that. Although the smell of this one is really nice, I found that it left my hair looking more greasy than before I put it in. Perhaps I used it wrong so I will give it another try but I will say one good thing about it, is that it doesn’t leave white residue all over your hair like the Batiste ones tend to do.

I also picked up the Dove ‘Go Fresh’ Roll on deodorant that has a pomegranate & lemon verbena scent, which smells delicious! Again I haven’t used this yet, but I have used the lemongrass scented from the same range and found that really nice and refreshing to use. I also picked up another of the £1 MUA powder blushes, this time in shade 5, a coral/pink with a slight gold shimmer.
Probably my favourite purchases from Superdrug recently, have to be the MUA Love Hearts Collection  Nail Polishes and Lip Balm. These have only been released in a limited number of Superdrug stores but luckily the Cardiff store was one of them so I had to check them out. When I went in, these were the only colours of the range left, but were the ones I really wanted so I was chuft to pieces. I picked up three of the polishes in shades, ‘U Rok’, ‘Love U 24/7’ and ‘U R FAB’  (£2 each, bargain!!) and one of the lip balms in ‘Sugar Lips’. The lip balm smells lovely with a sweet vanilla scent and is a really nice pink colour. It’s very moisturising on the lips without being sticky and also doesn’t have a taste, so no temptation of licking my lips so much they end up sore again. I’ve only tested out one of the nail polishes so far, which you can see in my latest NOTD post. Like with the other MUA polishes I have I’m really impressed with the application and the formula means you only need to use one coat for the polish to be opaque on your nails.

On the cosmetics front I also popped into Savers and picked up the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On, which is one of my staple items. If you do use this I highly recommend if you have a Savers near you then buy it there as apposed to Boots or Superdrug as it is significantly cheaper there. I only paid £2.99 for it and in Boots and Superdrug it retails for over a fiver. So it always pays to shop around!

I’ve also lately gone a little bit Yankee Candle crazy, and recently picked up three of their samplers (Vanilla Cupcake, Beach Flowers and Cloudy Lemonade) because I just can’t get enough of the scents. As I type I have a small jar in Vanilla Lime burning which I also bought in the sale a month or so ago. Of the three I think the Beach Flowers scent is my favourite and the colour is also really cute. I cannot wait to sit back and relax in my living room with these beauties burning 🙂

I also popped into H&M and when I set eyes on these next things I couldn’t stop myself from buying them. They are just soooo cute and after a bit of break I’ve got back into wearing jewellery more often again. These rings come in a pack of three and were £3.99 I also picked up a pair of polka dot hair bows in the sale for £1.50. I absolutely love the ladybird ring because it’s so dainty and cute.

Lastly, (yes you can breathe a sigh of relief it’s almost over!) I picked up this cute little waist belt from Topshop for a bargain at £3. I absolutely love the colour and I have lots of ideas of what to pair it up with already, so hopefully it will be featuring in an OOTD soon!

So, that’s the lot, Thanks for reading! x

What’s The Story…Soap & Glory – Thick & Fast Mascara

Earlier this month on Twitter I was really excited to see that Elle Magazine were going to be giving away a free Soap & Glory Mascara with their March issue. I’m not one to usually buy fashion magazines, simply because as much as I love how beautifully shot most fashion photography and advertising is I don’t like the idea of spending £4 on something full of adverts and about 5 pages of actual writing. However, because I had heard so many exciting things about the new Soap & Glory cosmetics range I was more than willing to buy the magazine in order to try one of the products which retails at £10 for a reasonable about of money, and at least if I didn’t like it I knew I would only have spent £3.95 on something rather than a tenner.

So, first impressions were that I loved the size of the wand and if you read my blog often you’ll know for me when it comes to mascaras, the bigger the wand the better. It is a really big application wand, and admittedly wouldn’t be for everyone as I know a lot of people do find larger brushes hard to work with, and they are quite easy to make a mess with. The size of the brush for me though wasn’t an issue.

I found the mascara really easy to apply the first time I used it, and I really liked the way it glided through my lashes, and I could see a noticeable difference in the volume of them. However, when it came to the second time of using this mascara I noticed when I removed the wand from the tube, the formula of the mascara had become extremely thick (I suppose as you would expect from the name) and gloopy with all the product forming at the end of the wand and then spilling over the side of the tube when you try to put the wand back in.
The application of the product to my lashes also seemed to get more tricky, with it clumping my lashes together rather than adding volume and thickness to them individually. With that I was left really disappointed by this mascara and the formula has now really put me off using it which is a shame because the first time I used it I was really happy.

So I don’t know what has caused this change in application, maybe something has happened to the formula when reacting to the air getting into it, or perhaps I’ve just had a dud tube?  Has anyone else experienced this change in application after a few uses? Let me know!

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara is available from Boots stores and online and retails for £10

Thanks for reading! x