Weekly Wishlist #1

I’ve seen quite a lot of people doing these sort of posts on blogs recently so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share with you all, some of the lovely products I’d love to get my hands on over the next couple of weeks. More than likely I’ll have to wait until my next payday before I can treat myself to any of these things as I’m trying to save some money to go towards either a newer car or a new laptop…I can’t quite decide between the two at the moment. This will also help me keep track of things I’ve seen around the shops and online so that I know where I can get them once I know I can afford a cheeky splurge. I’ll try and do these weekly, as I do pop into the shops after work most days, so I’ve always got plenty to lust after.

Essie Nail Polish – Tart Deco (Superdrug £7.99)

I’ve been admiring swatches of this on quite a few blogs recently and think it’s just the perfect colour for Summer. If I was going anywhere near a beach this year, this would definitely be a must have on my toe nails. I’ve also recently purchased my first ever Essie polish, so live in expectation of this being just as enjoyable to use. A little on the pricey side though and I also have way too many polishes so think I’ll hold off for a while yet.

Vectra Blue Studded Loafers (Topshop £28)

I already have the nude leather look version with the gold studs and have worn them to death since I bought them. They are so comfortable! I absolutely adore the colour, as I love anything turquoise. The photo doesn’t do them justice as they look nothing like this in real life as they are definitely more of a bright turquoise than the pastel blue they appear here. My only issue with these would be the canvas material of them, as they probably wouldn’t be that practical in the ever predictable wet British weather, but I shall continue to admire them every time I see them in my local store.

Denim Sequin Front Hotpants (Topshop £35)

These are most definitely not something I would usually go for, but when I saw them in my local store recently they just caught my eye straight away. I’m not usually one for glitzy things, but I love wearing denim shorts and I just thought these were just awesome and are dressy enough to wear on a night out without being too out there, with only the front of them being sequined. I did try these on and for me the fit of them wasn’t ‘arse on show’ revealing so they were just right for me, as I like to keep my buttocks firmly out of sight (not that there is much to see, as I’m sadly not blessed with curves) Again what puts me off is the price, as they are pretty pricey for a pair of shorts…but the detailing of the sequins might just justify a purchase at some point in the future.

Mint Sleeveless Sequin Collar Top (Glamorous – £23.99)

I’ve been lusting after this ever since I saw Alix from icovetthee wearing it in her ‘Shopping the Stash’ video. I think the colour is just gorgeous and the sequin collar is just really cute. I was thinking I would pair it with the denim shorts I’ve already mentioned but worry it might be a bit too sequin heavy? What do you think? Finding this little gem might also have opened a dark place, as I’d never heard of Glamorous before, but they have so many nice pieces on their website I’m now mentally spending rather a lot of money every time I visit, and it’s definitely now bookmarked on my browser!

So there we have it… What have you been lusting over recently? Are there any fashion websites you would recommend?

Thanks for reading! x


Primark, Topshop & New Look Haul

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! But i’m back with a pretty big haul for you. I had a pretty nice payslip this month, thanks to the tax man finally giving me back the money he owed me so as I’ve gone a good few months without making any major purchases I thought I definitely deserved to treat myself. So all of this stuff is an accumilation over the last few weeks and I’m pretty chuft with everything, and even bagged a few bargains along the way 🙂 I’ve bought a collection of cosmetics, clothes and accessories over the last few weeks so I thought I’d do three separate posts…starting off with the clothes and a few bits I picked up in Primark.

So the first thing I got was this cute striped canvas shopping bag which is just a great size and a good investment seeing as we now have to pay for carrier bags in Wales. At only £1.50 it was a bargain and I just love the colour and I’m a sucker for stripes. And here’s all the goodies I filled it up with…

'City of Love' Motif T-Shirt - £3

Primark currently have loads of these cute motif t-shirts in store and this one just caught my eye. It’s lightweight and a really nice fit and I think it will look great with a pair of denim shorts in the summer.

Nautical Stripe Sundress - £5

They had a big range of these style dresses out last year as well, but this one is right up my street. I love navy and white stripes together as I think it’s just so smart and the fit of the dress is really flattering and girly. It’s not the best material but at only £5 you can’t really expect miracles. I absolutely love this and know I’ll wear it a lot over the coming months.

Turquoise sheer shirt - £10

I’d seen this style shirt a lot around You Tube and blogs recently but never in this colour and it’s not something I would usually pick out but the colour just grabbed me, and when I tried it on I was sold. It’s such a nice fit and I think would look great with black skinny jeans or even shorts. It’s very sheer so unless you’re very brave (which I am not!) you definitely need a cami underneath it, but luckily I bought the perfect match in Primark last year so I’m all set 🙂

This next top I got from Topshop, which is somewhere I never ever usually shop because I just can’t justify the prices but I recently spotted this is one of Amelia’s Haul’s on YouTube and it was just my sort of thing. Like I’ve already said I love navy and white stripes and I also thought the price was pretty good for something from Topshop…

Nautical Stripe Sweater - £20

The only thing I’m finding with this is the shape is a little bit strange. It fits me everywhere apart from around the tops of my shoulders where it seems really baggy, and this is even from the Petite range so I’m slightly confused as my shoulders are usually where things are usually tighter as I have quite broad shoulders for someone of my size. Other than that it’s really smart looking and the white is just so fresh looking for this season.

I also went on a bit of a splurge in New Look recently and if I do say so myself, managed to get a good few bargains. I really do advise anyone who is petite to definitely check out the Generation section in New Look because seriously the sizes are not just suited for kids… I’m 24 years old, and found myself being able to fit in Age 13 clothes… yes, some stuff is young looking but you can find some real gems too and for half the price of the adult section!

Aztec Heart Motif T-Shirt - £7.99

This was actually in the adult section (so I didn’t just buy kids stuff!lol) and as soon as I saw it I just knew I had to buy it. I’m really loving the aztec prints this season and the pop of neon colour is really cool against the black on this t-shirt. The quality is really nice too for the price.

Flower Print Side Tie Top - £12.99

This was from the Generation section and I think it’s really pretty and perfect for the spring. They had something very similar in the adult section for around £20 so it just shows you can shop around. It’s Age 13 but it’s very generous and given I have quite big boobs I was suprised that this fitted me, but it’s perfect.

Heart Print Jersey Skirt - £2

Admittedly I have no idea when I’m going to wear this, but I thought it was really cute and would look nice with just a plain vest top and some leggings. Probably if I go on holiday at all this year I’d wear this for the beach, but it’s really comfy and for £2 you can’t go wrong!

Green Cord Shorts - £6

These are soooo comfy and they were also a bargain, reduced from £13.99. They look a bit Robin Hood and his merry men from the picture but they look really nice on and are great quality. It’s still pretty chilly here (even though it’s Spring) so I’d definitely pair these with maybe some brown tights and I think they would also look cute with the floral top I’ve already shown you.

So that’s all my fashion bits… not bad really for a grand total of £68.50! Marvelous! 🙂

Thanks for reading! x



Northern Exposure OOTD – Thursday

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but hopefully today’s outfit post will make up for it. 🙂 I went out to town today just to run some errands and it take a few things back to Primark that I decided against keeping and as it’s still pretty cold I thought best to layer up.

My jumper is a recent purchase from New Look and I must admit isn’t something I would normally have picked up, but it caught my eye in the shop and when I tried it on in the fitting room I just fell in love with it. It’s really and easy to wear a vest top underneath for the current colder weather, but it’ll be great for spring too because it’s not too thick. You can find it online here.I’ve paired it with a pair of light wash ‘boyfriend’ cut denim shorts from H&M. I seem to be living in shorts with tights at the moment!

For jewellery I’ve just combined some random bracelets from my collection, the two at the front of my wrist I picked up on holiday in Majorca (love the jewellery out there!) and I think the other two were from H&M a long time ago. I just love a mis-match of bracelets for a casual look.

My ring is another recent purchase, and if I do say so myself, a bargain at £1.50 from Topshop. I rummaged about a bit for my size but so glad I managed to find one. I don’t usually wear gold or gold effect jewellery but this really stood out to me.

For shoes I’ve just gone for the Navy pair of slip-on’s I got from Primark last week, again another bargain at £3 and they are soooo comfortable!

And to finish off and to keep cosy, I popped on my Navy quilted jacket again from New Look which is such a flattering fit, and currently using to death my Tan satchel bag I bought from Next about 2 years ago.

Thanks for reading! x


Face & Outfit of the Day – Monday

I’m a day late with this post but I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday after travelling back from my parents in the afternoon and then had to do the exciting food shop last night when I got home.  But anyway, this is the first time I’ve done a Face of the Day but I’m trying to carry on with the theme of daily posts just while I have time off work.

So here’s a lowdown of the products I used for my FOTD

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Light Vanilla (51)
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel (002)
  • MUA Heaven & Earth Palette (1, Hightlight, 2. Lid 3. Crease)
  • Topshop Kohl Pencil – Saddle
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion – Black/Brown
  • MUA Powder Blusher – Shade 4
  • Original Carmex on my lips


And here is the result…

I really like this look because it really brightens my face and my eyes without going too over the top. I love the blush as it gives me a nice natural glow and the gold tones of the eye shadow really bring out the grey/blue shades in my eyes.
I’m really loving the Bourjois healthy mix serum, which I did a review of here and love the dewy look it brings to my skin and the colour match is just perfect 🙂

And for my outfit of the day, I wore a Navy lace detail top from Primark (£6) with a navy vest top underneath. With my favourite Skinny Jeans in the whole world from Next (£20) and a pair of grey daps from Primark (£3)

Thanks for reading! x


Primark Shoe Haul

So I just popped into Primark yesterday after work, just to grab a cheap pair of pumps to wear out for a family meal as I’d forgotten to bring any footwear apart from my converse with me to visit my parents for the weekend. The selection of shoes in Primark is always vast and I never have any problem finding a pair of shoes I love, and that actually fit me properly, which turns out to often be a blessing and a curse when I ended up buying shoes I don’t really need. Having stupidly small feet, in which in most cases even a ladies size 3 is too small for me, I always find the size 3 in Primark just perfect for me. As a result of this…my quick trip for one pair of shoes turned into me buying 3 pairs…I just couldn’t resist!

So first the pair I actually needed, I picked up these cute ‘reptile’ effect pumps, as they were described on the receipt with bows on the front. I actually picked these up in a size 4 because they are the type with the elasticated backs on them and the Size 3 just felt a little snug, especially when I was planning on wearing thick tights with them. I really love them and at £6 the soles on them are pretty decent and a little thicker than the usual bottoms of the cheaper pumps I’ve bought there in the past. However, when I wore them they elasticated bits did tend to cut in the back of my heels which was pretty uncomfortable, and not very pleasant but I think they just need to be worn in.

The trouble with Primark (and I’m sure it’s not just me) when you see something you like but don’t REALLY need it, I use the dreaded phrase ‘it’s only…*insert low price*’ and often convince myself that buying it would be a really great deal. That is something that definitely happened when I saw these next two purchases. I spotted them and just thought they were really cute but also for casual shoes really smart as well, I was torn between which colour to buy, and then I saw the price of them and thought ‘ I can afford to get both!’ So I bought the Navy and the Grey because they will go with pretty much all of my wardrobe! They are also available in Black and White as well. In all honesty I am really impressed with the quality of these and I think the soles are pretty steardy on them and they are super super comfy…and they were only £3 each!! BARGAIN!! 🙂

So all in all I’m pretty chuft with my purchases! Have you grabbed any bargains in Primark recently?

Thanks for reading! x

The Bra Appeal

This post is something a little different from me today but something I was really intrigued by when I discovered it and really wanted to share with you guys. So, over the last few weeks I’ve been having a bit of an early spring clean, and trying to get rid of loads of clothes and accessories I never wear, or things that I’ve had for years and just never got around to parting with.  So something I’ve always had too much of  is underwear, more so bra’s, one’s I either never wear or that simply just don’t fit me anymore. But that got me to thinking, what can you possibly do with bra’s that are in perfectly good condition, that have had either hardly any or no wear at all? They aren’t exactly something you can give to the charity shop or sell on eBay but then when something is in good nick, they aren’t something you simply want to just throw away either.

So, I decided to do a little bit of google-ing into how to maybe recycling old bra’s and came across a sight called Breast Talk who run a bra recycling appeal in order to raise funds for Breast Cancer but passing on the bra’s to a textiles company that then sells them to traders in third world countries, boosting local economies in developing countries but also helping fund breast cancer research at the same time. All the info on where they send the bra’s and how it raises cash can be found here. All the money they then raise goes to the Brest Cancer Campaign charity who fund ‘innovative world-class research to understand how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure.’

I just want to be clear that I have in no way been paid or endorsed to promote this cause, but just thought it was such a great idea that I wanted to spread the word. And besides what’s a better thought, knowing recycling something can help a good cause or the thought of chucking something perfectly good away and it sitting on a landfill site for years? 🙂

If this sounds like something you could contribute too then visit the site and have a look into their work.

Thanks for reading! x

H&M, Internationale & Primark Haul

It’s been a few days since my last post, so sorry for the delay. It’s been ages since I treated myself to some new clothes, mainly because over the last few months I’ve been really disappointed with what I’ve seen in the shops recently. I’m really not one for the whole over-sized look because as a petite girl it just makes me feel over conscious of being too skinny and everything just looks like it’s drowning me and sadly that trend is all that seems to be gracing the high street stores over the last 2 seasons.

I’d been looking for ages for a longline cable knit cardigan I could wear with a body con skirt and some tights and just a simple top and finally I found one last week in H&M for a very reasonable £19.99. It’s a really nice berry burgundy red colour which I think really flatters my skin tone and hair colour and I love the fact that it doesn’t come with buttons, because I hate when cardi’s have buttons low down and when you sit down everything just bulges over. I love the fit too, and even though supposed to be oversized, I just got a size smaller than I usually would wear but I’m still unsure about the way it falls and just the lack of shape it seems to give me, so I’m still 50/50 on whether to keep this or return it. (This is the first outfit post I’ve ever done, so please excuse the pretty rubbish photography, and my awful posture!) So here, I paired the cardigan with a simple stripe vest top tucked into a black body-con skirt (both from H&M) just for a simple casual look.

Some other bits I’ve bought over the last few weeks include some things I got in exchange for a cardigan that my boyfriend got me for Christmas which unfortunately was too big. Both the top (£8.99) and jumper (£14.99) are from Internationale which I’ll be honest isn’t a shop I’ve ever really thought of buying from before but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by what I found there. I’ve always rather snobbishly thought of Internationale as a bit of a chav shop full of cheap looking material but I really did find some nice bits that I’m really pleased with and the prices are also really reasonable and the quality really great. I absolutely love the colours of both and again really find them flattering to my colouring. I also really like the zip detailing on the top and the print is just really cute and the fit really flattering.










I’ve also picked up a few bits in Primark recently which I just thought I’d share they include a pastal aqua blue grandad cardigan (£10) the colour just caught my eye straight away (picture to follow), Black Shorts (£5 -bargain!) and a lovely navy lace detail collared top which I just think is so cute and can’t wait to wear it and pair a few things with it.

And that’s everything I’ve been buying 🙂 My first clothing blog completed!

Thanks for reading! x