Primark Shoe Haul

So I just popped into Primark yesterday after work, just to grab a cheap pair of pumps to wear out for a family meal as I’d forgotten to bring any footwear apart from my converse with me to visit my parents for the weekend. The selection of shoes in Primark is always vast and I never have any problem finding a pair of shoes I love, and that actually fit me properly, which turns out to often be a blessing and a curse when I ended up buying shoes I don’t really need. Having stupidly small feet, in which in most cases even a ladies size 3 is too small for me, I always find the size 3 in Primark just perfect for me. As a result of this…my quick trip for one pair of shoes turned into me buying 3 pairs…I just couldn’t resist!

So first the pair I actually needed, I picked up these cute ‘reptile’ effect pumps, as they were described on the receipt with bows on the front. I actually picked these up in a size 4 because they are the type with the elasticated backs on them and the Size 3 just felt a little snug, especially when I was planning on wearing thick tights with them. I really love them and at £6 the soles on them are pretty decent and a little thicker than the usual bottoms of the cheaper pumps I’ve bought there in the past. However, when I wore them they elasticated bits did tend to cut in the back of my heels which was pretty uncomfortable, and not very pleasant but I think they just need to be worn in.

The trouble with Primark (and I’m sure it’s not just me) when you see something you like but don’t REALLY need it, I use the dreaded phrase ‘it’s only…*insert low price*’ and often convince myself that buying it would be a really great deal. That is something that definitely happened when I saw these next two purchases. I spotted them and just thought they were really cute but also for casual shoes really smart as well, I was torn between which colour to buy, and then I saw the price of them and thought ‘ I can afford to get both!’ So I bought the Navy and the Grey because they will go with pretty much all of my wardrobe! They are also available in Black and White as well. In all honesty I am really impressed with the quality of these and I think the soles are pretty steardy on them and they are super super comfy…and they were only £3 each!! BARGAIN!! 🙂

So all in all I’m pretty chuft with my purchases! Have you grabbed any bargains in Primark recently?

Thanks for reading! x

H&M, Internationale & Primark Haul

It’s been a few days since my last post, so sorry for the delay. It’s been ages since I treated myself to some new clothes, mainly because over the last few months I’ve been really disappointed with what I’ve seen in the shops recently. I’m really not one for the whole over-sized look because as a petite girl it just makes me feel over conscious of being too skinny and everything just looks like it’s drowning me and sadly that trend is all that seems to be gracing the high street stores over the last 2 seasons.

I’d been looking for ages for a longline cable knit cardigan I could wear with a body con skirt and some tights and just a simple top and finally I found one last week in H&M for a very reasonable £19.99. It’s a really nice berry burgundy red colour which I think really flatters my skin tone and hair colour and I love the fact that it doesn’t come with buttons, because I hate when cardi’s have buttons low down and when you sit down everything just bulges over. I love the fit too, and even though supposed to be oversized, I just got a size smaller than I usually would wear but I’m still unsure about the way it falls and just the lack of shape it seems to give me, so I’m still 50/50 on whether to keep this or return it. (This is the first outfit post I’ve ever done, so please excuse the pretty rubbish photography, and my awful posture!) So here, I paired the cardigan with a simple stripe vest top tucked into a black body-con skirt (both from H&M) just for a simple casual look.

Some other bits I’ve bought over the last few weeks include some things I got in exchange for a cardigan that my boyfriend got me for Christmas which unfortunately was too big. Both the top (£8.99) and jumper (£14.99) are from Internationale which I’ll be honest isn’t a shop I’ve ever really thought of buying from before but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by what I found there. I’ve always rather snobbishly thought of Internationale as a bit of a chav shop full of cheap looking material but I really did find some nice bits that I’m really pleased with and the prices are also really reasonable and the quality really great. I absolutely love the colours of both and again really find them flattering to my colouring. I also really like the zip detailing on the top and the print is just really cute and the fit really flattering.










I’ve also picked up a few bits in Primark recently which I just thought I’d share they include a pastal aqua blue grandad cardigan (£10) the colour just caught my eye straight away (picture to follow), Black Shorts (£5 -bargain!) and a lovely navy lace detail collared top which I just think is so cute and can’t wait to wear it and pair a few things with it.

And that’s everything I’ve been buying 🙂 My first clothing blog completed!

Thanks for reading! x






Lush Newbie Mini Haul

After recently having some excellent news and getting myself a new full time position at work, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself to something. I’ve been eyeing up a few things from Lush for a while, but I haven’t really had the money to splash out, but I went all out last week and bought myself 3 products. 

I’ve always sort of avoided Lush for two reasons, 1. When I walk past the shop sometimes the strong scent can be a little unbareable with so many different scents all in one small space and 2. when I have gone in in the past I’ve felt a little like I’m being stalked by the staff there. Ok, so stalked is probably a bit of a strong word to use but they do have a tendency to lurk behind you. As someone who works in retail I understand that they do have to approach customers and make themselves accessible, but there is a line between approach and your every move being watched.

That said however, when I went into the Cardiff store last week, I actually couldn’t fault the service I received when I actually did need some help :-). As a bit of a lush virgin, having only ever bought the Snow Fairy shower gel in the past, when it came to how to use the bath ballistics which I had my eye on, I didn’t have a clue, but the assistant went to a lot of trouble to ask what scents I liked and gave me a demonstration of how they worked.

Abombinaball Bath Ballistic

After about 20 minutes of sniffing everything in the shop about 40 times over I finally decided on some items to buy.  My first choice was a bath ballistic from the Christmas collection ‘Abombinaball’  (£2.85) because it’s minty freshness really appealed to me, and to be told it would turn my bath water a gorgeous blue I was sold! I can’t wait to try it out but no doubt I’ll feel a little guilty melting the face off this little snowman, haha!

Butterball fizz in hot bath water

Butterball Bath Bomb

My second choice of bath bomb was the ‘Butterball’ (£1.95)which has little flakes of cocoa butter which appear in your bath as your bomb fizzes away and great for my dry skin, especially in the colder winter months ahead. This one I’ve already used and it made my skin feel silky soft, perhaps a little too ‘buttery’ for my taste perhaps but there is no denying it did wonders for my dry skin, so all in all I was happy with my first experience of it, but I’m not sure if it is something that I would purchase again.

I also picked myself up a 250g bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel, just for good measure 😉 the smell is absolutely deliciously sweet and sugary and cannot wait to start using it again! What I love about these bottles most is that unlike most shower gels, at Lush they actually fill the bottles right to the brim so you really get your monies worth, and although a little pricey it is most definitely worth it and a must for everyone!

Thanks for reading!! x

Topshop Make-Up Mini Haul and Review

I’ve been wanting to try out the Topshop make-up range for ages! Every time I go in there I look at the make-up rather than the clothes (probably because the make-up is more in my price range lol!), and so this month I decided I would treat myself to a few things seeing as after I move out and start paying rent and bills, this is probably the last oppourtunity I’ll get in a while to treat myself to none essentials!

Initially I only wanted to get a nail polish, which I recently featured in my August wish list and after contemplating for ages over which one I was actually going to buy after numerous  other shades also caught my eye, I just decided to to get two. I picked up ‘Causing A Stir‘ a coral/orange colour and ‘The Green Room‘ a gorgeous eye catching teal(ish) shade (£5 each). I absolutely love them both and tried them both out as soon as I got home. Unfortunately I was a little dissapointed with the ‘Causing A Stir‘ shade, only because it was a little more orange than I had hoped it would be. I was thinking it was going to be a nice subtle coral shade but when I put it on my nails it was much much more orangey than I though, although I still really love it and it’s a nice go between for my Barry M Coral and Peach Melba 🙂 The outcome after one coat does leave it looking a little streaky too, but after two coats it does finish nicely. I was also really impressed with ‘The Green Room’ and this is definitely my favourite of the two, I love how its bright but not too over powering and I was really impressed with its staying power too, I wore it for about three days before taking it off and I don’t think it had chipped at all, so next time I use it, i’ll try and keep note of how long it lasts without chipping 🙂


On my visit to the store however, I couldn’t just stop at the nail polish, and so went and had a gander at the blushers…BIG MISTAKE, I loved them all and my hand was covered in swatches trying to choose between them all. In the end though, I decided to go for one of their cream blushes in ‘Nutmeg‘. The packaging is so cute and dainty and for £6 you get quite a decent amount of product, so I was really impressed because I know it will last me for a good while. The shade is like a pinky/brown, which I think will blend nicely with my skin tone, and it’s quite subtle so can be used everyday. My only problem now is I love the packaging and the way it looks all untouched that I find myself not wanting to use it because I don’t want to ruin it! hehe


The final product I got from the range was the black liquid eyeliner pen (£6.50). Now if you read my blog often you’ll know I’ve said in the past how I’ve never got on with liquid eyeliner and always prefer to use pencil. Well, when I saw the design of this liner, I thought to myself I do really want to start using liquid and learn how to use it effectively and when I saw how steady this pen was to use I thought this would be a good place to start.  It has a tip like a felt tip pen and is wide so easy to grip and control and it’s easy to use the tip to get a nice thin line, or use the side for a more dramatic wide look. The biggest problem I’ve encountered with this product so far though is, because it’s not waterproof,  my god does it run! I’ve been suffering from quite watery eyes lately (i think due to using one of my mascaras for a little too long) and when they were running I have a very dark line of eyeliner running to the corners of my eyes and at the sides where I had tried to gently wipe them. Fingers crossed though, now that I’ve stopped using the mascara that I think was the culprit I shall try the liner again and let you know if anything improves (“,)

So, I’ve been left pretty impressed by Topshop’s make-up range and really happy with what I did buy. I found their prices suprisingly reasonable too considering it was Topshop, and managed to get 4 products for £22.50. I will definately be going back at some point in the future to get another blusher and especially to get some more nail polish!

There are so many lovely shades of everything, and if you have the chance to go to a store where they stock all of what they have to offer I strongly urge you to make sure you have enough time to take it all in, there is literally a wall full of nail polishes and everything is so nicely displayed and packaged it really is worth taking a look. The price ranges do vary, as they do also have limited edition collections for each season, I think at the moment for Autumn/Winter 2011 the collection is called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ where the nail polishes are £6 i think and they also have mascaras and liners which vary in the £6-£11 range I think. All the products are also available on their website, so take a look (“,)

Any products from the range that you’ve tried and loved? Let me know!!