Face & Outfit of the Day – Monday

I’m a day late with this post but I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday after travelling back from my parents in the afternoon and then had to do the exciting food shop last night when I got home.  But anyway, this is the first time I’ve done a Face of the Day but I’m trying to carry on with the theme of daily posts just while I have time off work.

So here’s a lowdown of the products I used for my FOTD

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Light Vanilla (51)
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel (002)
  • MUA Heaven & Earth Palette (1, Hightlight, 2. Lid 3. Crease)
  • Topshop Kohl Pencil – Saddle
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion – Black/Brown
  • MUA Powder Blusher – Shade 4
  • Original Carmex on my lips


And here is the result…

I really like this look because it really brightens my face and my eyes without going too over the top. I love the blush as it gives me a nice natural glow and the gold tones of the eye shadow really bring out the grey/blue shades in my eyes.
I’m really loving the Bourjois healthy mix serum, which I did a review of here and love the dewy look it brings to my skin and the colour match is just perfect 🙂

And for my outfit of the day, I wore a Navy lace detail top from Primark (£6) with a navy vest top underneath. With my favourite Skinny Jeans in the whole world from Next (£20) and a pair of grey daps from Primark (£3)

Thanks for reading! x


My Nail Polish Collection

My nail polish collection is relatively modest at the moment but it’s something I am working to expand upon, and just something I wanted to share so far. Nail polish i probably the most often bought cosmetic for me because it’s something I always find reasonably priced, and I really think there is nothing like the look of freshly painted finger and toe nails. It’s always a great way to splash a bit of colour into your life and to liven up dull natural nails.

I always make sure to use a base coat before applying any nail polish, something I realised was crucial after once painting my nails with Barry M’s Spring Green and when I removed it, was left with stained yellow nails for weeks after not using base coat before hand! My go-to base coat has since been the Collection 2000 nail care 2in1 base coat and ridge filler with keratin. After applying, it always leaves my nails looking healthy and protects really well against staining. It’s also affordable at around £2.99, and definately something I will always repurchase.

In terms of nail polish itself, my favourite brand is without Barry M. Their selection of colours is second to none and for the amazing price of £2.99 each, the quality of their finish is incredible. The brush is long and narrow, making application effortless and mistakes easy to rectify and remove. I have to say however, after recently discovering Topshop nail polish collection, this is definitely becoming a close second to Barry M, as again their selection of colours is amazing and there are definitely plenty I want to get my hands on. The only thing with these polishes is that their consistency I have sometimes found a little watery and the price in comparison to Barry M is pretty steep at £5 each, but they are worth the odd splurge now and again.

Another favourite in my collection would have to be the Avon Nail Wear Pro Polish. At the moment I only have one of these but the one I do have is in one of my favourite shades (I love anything teal/minty) and the consistency of the polish again is great on your nails and hard wearing and not too watery. This is definately a preference for my toe nails especially!

So…here’s a few little pics and a little run down of all the polishes in my collection…so far!

Barry M Collection (Back Row from left-right)

  • Instant Nail Effects – Black (311)
  • Black (47)
  • Silver (288)
  • Bright Purple (303)
  • Pale Purple (308)
  • Navy (292)
  • Blue Glitter (297)
  • Blueberry Ice Cream (306)
  • Racing Green (299)
  • Emerald Green (284)
  • Mint Green (304)
  • Mushroom (310)
  • Peach Melba (318)
  • Baby Pink (119)
Various Brands (Front Row from left-right)
  • Avon Nailwear Pro – Peppermint Leaf
  • Rimmel London Lycra Pro – Peppermint
  • Topshop Nails – The Green Room
  • Topshop Nails – Causing a Stir
  • Accessorize – Electric Purple
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds – Pompous
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds – Green with Envy
  • Next ‘Get the look’ – Hazel
  • Next ‘Get the look’ – Fawn
  • Max Factor Nailfinity – Angel Nails
So there we have it, my collection so far… feel free to comment on any suggestions of brands or colours you would recommend!


September (Cosmetic and Hair) Favourites!!

I can’t quite believe that September is coming to an end, but while I have some free time, I thought now would be a good a time as any to do a little run down of all the things I’ve been enjoying this month, things I’ve been using, wearing etc…  I’m going to do this in two seperate posts, one for cosmetics etc… and then one to follow for clothes and accessories 🙂
I’ll be honest it’s been quite a quiet month for me in regards to buying new things for myself and trying out new things, been very busy moving out of my parents and into my first flat so most of my money has been going on household things. On the plus side though it’s enabled me to go back to my old faithful’s or rediscovering stuff I haven’t used or worn for ages and realising I still love to use them! (Pictures are to follow, I am currently visiting my parents for the weekend so don’t have everything I’m talking about to hand, and I’m using my Dad’s laptop)

The first product I’ve been loving this month, is actually something I bought for the first time, (even though I’ve just mentioned how I’ve hardly bought anything, lol!) and it is the Lipsmacker Orange Fanta Lipbalm. I grabbed this on a impulse while in the queue in Primark for £1.50 and it is lush!! It smells just like Fanta, and sorts out my often dry lips a treat! The taste isn’t too overpowering either when it’s on your lips so it’s nice to use and it gives my lips a nice shine without leaving them sticky and tacky feeling.

Another product I did buy this month is the Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner. Now I have to admit, I’d never used toner on my face before, but after recently reading that it’s supposed to be a crucial part of your skin care routine, I thought I’d try a cheap brand just to see how I got on with it. To be frank, I’m still not completely sure what toner is supposed to do (tone obviously I guess!) but I have been enjoying using this just to give me skin a refresh first thing in the morning, and in the nights after I’ve taken all my make-up off. I love the smell of cucumber so this is really nice to use and although I usually tend to stay away from products with fragrance, this hasn’t irritated my skin at all and doesn’t sting so I’m really really happy with it, and at £1.42 for a 150ml bottle you can’t go wrong 🙂

I’ve been using foundation a lot more this month just to try and get to grips with it (being a bit of a novice) and I am really loving using the Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation in Creamy Ivory. It goes on really nicely and doesn’t leave me feeling like my face is caked in make-up, which is what has always put me off using foundation, and it even’s out my pale skin tone really nicely. I also like to use it as a concealer under my eyes when I can’t be bothered to cover my whole face, and it covers my dark circles well too. It’s not something that can last all day without a touch up here and there, but it’s still good enough for what I need it for right now 🙂 I do still need to practice my application techniques though 😉

My favourite nail polish this month has got to be Barry M – Navy. I wear a lot of blue and navy so this is a must have colour for me. Shockingly it’s been in my collection for ages, and only recently when I was trying to sort out what I wanted to move with me did I actually think to give it a try. What a fool I was to leave it so long, because the colour is delicious!! It’s vibrant but sophisticated and has a cheeky shimmer to it, to add a bit of glamour to my nails. I’ve been wearing loads since I rediscovered it!! 🙂

My final cosmetic favourite this month is the Charles Worthington Front Row –  Stay Cool Heat Defence Spritz. I mentioned this in one of my first ever blog post a while ago, and this month I’ve used it so so much! It smells absolutely lovely, although if you do use too much it can be a little overpowering. It’s got sort of that hair salon sort of smell to it, but it is really nice. I’ve been using this on my damp hair before blow drying and then again before I’ve straightened my hair, and it leaves my hair lovely and soft and shiny. I’ve also found it leaves my hair feeling a lot thicker, which is brilliant as I sometimes get frustrated with my stupidly thin hair.

So those are all my favourite thing’s I’ve been using this month… as I said another blog will follow with all my fashion and accessory favourites 🙂

What have you been loving this month? Feel free to comment and let me know!!

Smokey Eye Effect Make Up

With a week off work and plenty of spare time on my hands, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to get a bit of practice in when it comes to my make-up. As I said in my first post, I’m not one for change and tend to stick to what I know, but for the purpose of the blog and eagerness to learn how to do something different I thought I’d give something different a go, and experiment with the make-up I do have (though it is very little! lol)

I decided to try out a smokey eye (ish) effect look, because it’s always something I see on other people or celebs, and watched many tutorials on YouTube and always thought it looks really nice how the colours stand out and blend in nicely together. I also thought I’d experiment with using foundation because I own some yet never ever use it out of fear of looking orange or looking like a wax work and being able to feel it all over my face, but I thought I’d see what difference it could make to my complexion.

Because I don’t own any expensive primer (Urban Decay etc…) to prep my eyelids with, I just used vaseline in order to help bring out the pigments in the eyeshadows that I used and it seemed to work really well, and I was really pleased with the results.

Here’s just a little list of all the products that I used…

  • Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation – Creamy Ivory
  • 17 Eyeshadow Trio – Plum Pudding (I used the 2 lightest shades, for highlighting and to cover my lids)
  • BeautyUK Palette 1 – Using the very dark brown in the top left corner in the creases in order to add depth
  • Barry M Kohl Pencil – Brown (Shade 2)
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara – Brown/Black
  • Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil – 002 Hazel
  • Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush – Soft Copper

Here’s what I look like without any make-up (Apologies in advance, sorry folks!) (Taken on my iPhone crap quality!)

And here’s the after working my magic… (also taken with iPhone, so same quality as before)

And then here are just some better shots I’ve taken with my camera to give a better impression of how it looks 🙂

All in all I know it isn’t perfect, but the idea is for me to experiment and get better as i practice more. Whether I would have the patience to go to all this fuss of a morning is another matter, but for special occasions think I will definitely try out new things with my make-up more often. 🙂

Feel free to comment with any other ideas I could try, or to let me know what you think of my efforts 🙂

Everyday Make-Up Essentials

When it comes to make-up and what to do with it I’m a bit of a novice, in that I tend not to stray away from the unfamiliar. I tend not to wear a lot of make-up so in all honesty in comparison to most girls my collection is probably pretty pathetic! This is mainly because I tend to stick to using the same products all the time, but what I do use, does work effectively for me.

My daily make-up consists of pencil eyeliner (Barry M Kohl Pencil), Mascara (Max Factor False Lash Effect), Eyebrow Pencil (Rimmel – Hazel) and a small amount of blusher just to add a bit of colour to my pale complexion (Max Factor Creamy Blush – Soft Copper)

What I love about all these products, is that even though they aren’t the cheapest of options, they always last me a long time so I never feel guilty about spending a little bit extra. The creamy blush especially last me forever because you don’t need to use a lot for it to be effective and give you good coverage. PERFECT!! As for my mascara, I’ll admit I have experimented with various brands but I always go back to the Max Factor False Lash Effect.  I just love how the brush just glides effortlessly through my lashes and effectively creates a longer lash look that’s still looks natural but can also be made dramatic when you want it to. I do tend to alternate between the black and the brown/black, they are both awesome!!

When it comes to eyebrow pencil, I have only recently started using it, but again I don’t use a alot. Being a red-head I have horribly light eyebrows, which are also patchy (thanks to me deciding to cut them with scissors when I was a child, and they never grew back properly – stupid child!) so I simply use pencil just to fill them a little and make them look a bit better. It’s also great for creating illusion of a better shape to them, because I’m not great at shaping with tweezers.

For my eyeliner, I’ve always used pencil just because I don’t get on well with liquid. Whenever I try liquid it always goes horribly wrong or looks too structured. With pencil I find it’s better for a more subtle, natural look which is what I always go for. I also prefer the glide of the pencil against my eyelid as opposed to liner brushes which for some reason I find hard to control (probably me being a bit of a div though!). Highly recommend Barry M Kohl Pencil in Black and Brown 🙂

I do want to try out new looks and techniques for make-up,  so any suggestions feel free to comment 🙂

Any make-up essentials you can’t live without in your daily routine? Let me know!