FOTD – Monday,Monday…

I’m always one for quite neutral eyes, and I’m always wearing brown/gold/copper eyeshadow with brown kohl pencil and mascara. So today I thought I’d go with something a little bit different and experiment a bit with one of my palettes. I’m usually pretty cautious when it comes to colour around my eyes, just because I always fear clashing with my hair colour. Having said that I’m really pleased with how this look turned out. I especially love the lipstick shade (which I never thought in a million years would suit me!)

So here’s what I used…


  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – Light Vanilla
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer – 1 Fair
  • Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades – Way to Glow
  • MUA Powder Blush – Shade 6


  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel
  • Sleek Divine Mineral Eyeshadow Palette – Original (Purple Shimmer & Matte Black shades)
  • L’oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss – Carbon Black
  • Topshop Kohl Pencil – Coal
  • Topshop Lash Catcher Mascara – Black Cat


  • Topshop Lipstick – Innocent

I’m so impressed with the pigment of the Sleek eyeshadows and will definitely pick up some more of them in the future and I also swear by Topshop’s kohl pencil, they are amazing and so easy to work with. I think I’ll definitely be experimenting with colour more often now.

Thanks for reading! x


Weekly Wishlist #2

I’ve decided after a lot of spending, on a majority of things that I don’t need that for the next month I am going to try and avoid buying anymore clothes or make up. Quite frankly I have more than enough of both and I just think it’s about time that I start saving some money for the future. It also gives me a great chance to use up everything I already have cosmetics wise, and get some good use out of all the clothes that fill my wardrobe.

Having said that however, that doesn’t mean I can’t still wish for things so I’ll still be doing my weekly wishlist posts, just so I can lust over things even if it means I don’t actually buy them. All of the things I’ve picked this week are all under £20 which brings temptation, but I shall be strong!!!

Black Zara Shopper Dube – Ebay £11.99

A much cheaper and pretty impressive alternative for the ever so popular at the moment Zara shopping bag. I was pointed in the direction of this beauty by Gemma’s Haul video on YouTube. I think the quality looks decent and I prefer the smaller size of this than the Zara one. I’ve been looking for a decent black handbag that I can use everyday for a long while, but I going to hold off or at least maybe treat myself when I know I’ve put some money aside for my savings.

Topshop Nails – Valley –  Topshop £6

This has recently popped up in my local store, and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know I find it hard to resist a new nail polish! The beautiful mint green with silver sparkle running through it is just beautiful and is perfect for the summer. I think it would look great for toe nails with a cracking pair of sandals…that’s if we ever get the weather for them!

MUA ‘Undressed’ Palette – £4

I’m a massive fan of anything MUA, especially their eyeshadow palettes. So I was super excited when I found out they were releasing a new neutral palette. It’s an uncanny dupe for Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ Palette and an absolute steal for £4. The pigmentation is amazing and the colours are just up my street. This is probably the most likely thing to be the culprit of me breaking my ‘no spending’ rule and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Sadly my local Superdrug’s range of MUA seems to be going downhill lately so I’m not expecting to see it in store anytime soon, so I might need to make an online order!

Coral Peplum Jersey Top – Topshop £16

I’ve been having a bit of a thing for peplum lately, I find it so flattering for my ‘lack of curves’ petite frame, because the shape gives an amazing illusion of curves. This particular top comes in a range of colours…dangerous, as it can lead to multiple purchases of the same top in different colours but that coral really caught my eye. I also really like the burgundy version as I think it will be perfect for the Autumn/Winter season that lurks upon us, i’m suspecting burgundy to be huge next season! I tried this on in my local store, and the fit was amazing and I actually think for Topshop the price is pretty reasonable too.

What are you lusting after this week?

Thanks for reading! x

March Favourites

I’m a little bit late with this post, but better late than never and I’ve got a great selection of products for my favourites this month. I know I don’t do this every month but I’ve really been enjoying using so many things this month that I just felt that it was a must. So, here goes nothing…

Soap & Glory ‘Clean on Me’ Clarifying Shower Gel

This little beauty has been in my collection for a long time but only recently have I come to using it religiously. It’s beautifully creamy consistency leaves my skin feeling so lovely and soft after use and the smell is just delicious! The built in body lotion means my skin feels nourished and isn’t left feeling tight and dry. The best is that you only need a small amount to get a very generous lather, so the massive 500ml bottle lasts ages!

Soap & Glory ‘Girligo’ Body Moisturising Mist

This is the perfect partner to the ‘Clean on Me’ shower gel. Again, a little goes a long way and after you’ve showered this gem just adds that signature S&G scent to body to leave you feeling fresh and moisturised for longer. I’ve loved using these two products together all month and will probably continue the routine for a while to come.

Soap & Glory ‘Peaches & Clean’ 4 in 1 Deep Cleansing Milk

A bit of a S&G heavy month, this was a new find for me this month. I’d been looking for a new cleanser to try for a while which wouldn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight, and this seems to be the one for me! I’ve been using after removing the majority of my make up with facial wipes and it removes any excess foundation brilliantly and leaves my face beautifully soft, fresh and clean It’s not broken me out and also doesn’t dry out my skin at all. The smell is also delicious!

Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream

This is an old faithful for me and something I use daily and will never get bored or tired of. It nourishes my skin perfectly meaning my skin is replenished through the night and soft and supple when I wake up in the morning. It also great for tackling stubborn dry patches around my nose and forehead.

Lynx Attract for Her

I’m quite surprised I haven’t seen more about this product around the blogosphere. I have to admit I was dubious about it, thinking it was just another gimmick, an excuse for Lynx to advertise more skantly-clad women throwing themselves at men. That, and also the fact that I hate any scent of Lynx for men. Having said that, when I smelt it out of curiosity in the shop my mind quickly changed. The scent is very fresh and feminine and just really pleasant to wear. It stays on your skin and clothes for a long time as well, which for body spray I find is quite rare. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and just a little tip, it’s much cheaper in Superdrug than in Boots 😉

Dove Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena

One of the best deodorants I’ve ever used. It lasts for hours and hours, leaving you feeling clean and fresh and the smell is to die for! I’d say you definitely have a good deodorant on your hands when you can still get bursts of the scent throughout the day.

Tangle Teezer

I’ve only had this January and now I don’t know what I would do without it! I have very fine hair which is easily damaged through brushing so a product that claims to prevent damage to your hair and doesn’t tug and pull at the hair was something that certainly appealed to me. I’ve found I have a lot less hair falling out while brushing since using this and a lot less effort is required to remove those stubborn knots in my mangled mane. As an added bonus mine is purple and sparkly… it’s the little things!

17 Peep Show Mascara – Brown/Black

I bought this an an emergency mascara when I realised I’d completely forgotten to put mascara on on my way to work one morning. I bought it as it was the cheapest I could find in Boots in a brown shade. I really wasn’t expecting much from it at all but I have been so impressed with it I’ve used it everyday since. It doesn’t clump or flake, stays put all day and separates my lashes effortlessly giving great length. I’ve also been loving Topshop’s Lash Catcher Mascara when I’ve been feeling like a black liner and mascara combo 😉

Topshop Kohl Pencil – Saddle

My ultimate eyeliner pencil!! A beautiful brown with a hint of shimmer, it’s creamy consistency means it easy to apply and easy to blend. As you can probably tell from the size of mine in the picture this gets a hell of a lot of use and I’ll be stocking up ready for when this is all gone. I don’t think I’ll use any other eyeliner ever again this is definitely my staple item and at only £4 it doesn’t break the bank either.

Natural Collection Powder Blush – Peach Melba

A subtle peach which gives a healthy and cute flush to my pale complexion. It suits my skin tone and hair colour really nicely. It’s really easy to blend and a little goes a long way. You also get a great amount of product for your money at only £1.99. A really pretty shade and perfect for the spring/summer season.

Yankee Candle Lip Balm – Christmas Cookie

I had absolutely no idea these existed, so when I saw them on eBay I couldn’t resist buying one as a self confessed Yankee Candle junkie. Not only does this smell delicious (one of my favourite scents!) it’s really moisturising on the lips and leaves that nourished feeling for a good few hours and even when the majority has worn off it still leaves your lips lovely and soft. The balms also contain SPF 15 which is an added bonus. The cute packaging in the form of a mini jar is also really cute! As far as I know you can’t buy these in the UK but i bought mine here from a UK Seller on eBay. They currently have a few different flavours for sale too.

MUA Immaculate Collection Pallette

I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this this month and experimenting with brighter colours to get me out of the habit of constantly only using my Heaven and Earth Pallette. The pigmentation of the colours in the immaculate collection is amazing. They do not crease and stay put all day even without the use of primer beforehand. My most reached for shades have been Number 15, a pale green/teal shimmer (helps bring out the blue in my eyes) Number 20, a matte white for brightening my eyes and great for blending with darker colours so as not to look so heavy and Number 14, a beautiful copper shimmer for a great neutral look with a hint of glam!

So, those are all the products I’ve loved this month (told you there were a lot!) What have you been enjoying this month? Have you used any of the products I’ve mentioned, what did you think?

Thanks for reading! x

Face of the Day – Thursday

Here’s a quick Face of the Day post for your viewing pleasure. I felt like experimenting with one of my latest palettes when I got home from work this afternoon and this was the outcome. I really love using green eyeshadow to really bring out the colour of my eyes and then make them look bigger with an outline of brown eyeliner pencil 🙂 I also tried out my latest lip product purchase, using one of the Revlon Lip Butters that are getting some major hype around the blogosphere at the moment. I’m really chuft with it and although I chose what I’d consider a bold colour for me, I absolutely love it!!

Here’s the products I’ve used for this look 🙂

• MUA Immaculate Collection
– Shade 12 (Highlight)
– Shade 15 (Lid)
– Shade 2 (Crease)
• Topshop Kohl Pencil – Saddle
• 17 Peep Show Mascara – Brown/Black
• Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Light Vanilla
• Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel
• MUA Powder Blush – Shade 5
• Revlon Colourblast Lip Butter – Tutti Frutti

Also tested out my new Real Techniques foundation brush and think its brilliant!! The brush is so soft and it’s coverage is also amazing leaving my foundation looking really even and not cakey at all, so I’m really pleased with that too!

Hope everyone is enjoying the hot weather!

Thanks for reading! x

Face & Outfit of the Day – Monday

I’m a day late with this post but I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday after travelling back from my parents in the afternoon and then had to do the exciting food shop last night when I got home.  But anyway, this is the first time I’ve done a Face of the Day but I’m trying to carry on with the theme of daily posts just while I have time off work.

So here’s a lowdown of the products I used for my FOTD

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Light Vanilla (51)
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel (002)
  • MUA Heaven & Earth Palette (1, Hightlight, 2. Lid 3. Crease)
  • Topshop Kohl Pencil – Saddle
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion – Black/Brown
  • MUA Powder Blusher – Shade 4
  • Original Carmex on my lips


And here is the result…

I really like this look because it really brightens my face and my eyes without going too over the top. I love the blush as it gives me a nice natural glow and the gold tones of the eye shadow really bring out the grey/blue shades in my eyes.
I’m really loving the Bourjois healthy mix serum, which I did a review of here and love the dewy look it brings to my skin and the colour match is just perfect 🙂

And for my outfit of the day, I wore a Navy lace detail top from Primark (£6) with a navy vest top underneath. With my favourite Skinny Jeans in the whole world from Next (£20) and a pair of grey daps from Primark (£3)

Thanks for reading! x


Superdrug Haul

Here’s a little haul of some bits I’ve picked up in Superdrug over the last 2 weeks, I feel like I’ve picked up a good few bargains lately so just wanted to share.

Original Carmex Lip Balm (Not pictured sorry)
I’d never used Carmex before now, but have heard so many good things about it via the ‘beauty blog-a-sphere’, so when I saw it on offer, plus 50 bonus beautycard points I thought I’d give it a try. It certainly lives up to the hype, leaving my lips really moisturised and feeling healthy. The formula seems to be pretty much identical to the Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner because the smell and texture is exactly the same, my only concern is that the taste and smell will start to turn on me after a while (as I found with the Blistex pot). The plus-side however is that these pots always last for ages so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Imperial Leather Sublime Shower Cream
On offer for 89p at the time I bought it so an absolute bargain. I has a pearlised apperance and texture and the smell of ‘star flower and pomegranate’ is to die for!! Because it’s a shower cream as apposed to a gel, I’m hoping it’s going to be really moisturising on my skin and I’m really looking forward to using it. I also really love the packaging, the bottle is lovely and sleek and the graphics are also really pretty.

Garnier ‘Simply Essentials’ Cleansing Wipes
Another bargain  buy at £1.49. I’d never used these before but thought I’d give them a try as they were significantly cheaper than my staple Simple Cleansing Wipes. They have zero perfume or colours and have been great for removing my eye make-up. The only thing I have noticed with using these wipes is that my eyes do seem to be quite sensitive  to them, as I’ve noticed them watering quite a lot after using them. This could just me having to adjust to using something new, after using Simple for so long. They do leave my skin feeling lovely and soft though 🙂

Superdrug Cotton Wool Buds
An everyday essential, and not very exciting but I wanted to pass on a little tip when looking to buy some. Always check out the baby care aisle first for them because they are so much cheaper than the one’s you will find in the cosmetics aisle. Plus the little purple bunny on the front is just too cute 😉

Superdrug Simply Pure Refreshing Toner
Another product I’ve not tried before but thought I’d give it a try. I’ve neglected toner in my daily routine recently, so thought it was time I started using it again, even though I’m still not entirely sure what toner is meant to do for your skin. Still, I’m interested to see if I notice any difference.

Superdrug Eyelash Curler & Blusher Brush
Another first for me (it’s becoming a bit of a theme in this post!), as I’ve never owned a pair of eyelash curlers before but again I thought I would give them a try. I didn’t want to spend a lot so I got myself some cheap own-brand beauties. The thought of using them has always sort of scared me, as they don’t look the most welcoming of contraptions, but I am intrigued to see how much difference using them makes to my lashes. I also picked up a cheap blusher brush to use with the next two things I’ll mention. As I’ve always used cream blush and applied with my fingers I’ve never really had the need for a brush so I thought it would come in handy.

MUA Powder Blush – Shade 4
I had to get my MUA fix on a trip to Superdrug, so picked up this blush for £1. I really wanted to try out a more pinky toned blush and this has a nice shimmer to it so hopefully will add a bit of glow to my complexion.

MUA Professional Mosaic Blush – English Rose Shade 3
Must have a thing for blush at the moment, saw this and really liked the mix of colour and think it would be great highlight also for my cheeks, really looking forward to trying it out and think it was about time I got into a new shade of blush after using Topshop’s Nugmeg Cream blush religiously for ages!

That’s the lot folks 🙂

Thanks for reading! x


Boots, Superdrug and Topshop Haul

I’ve been on the look out for some bargains since the sale season started at the beginning of the month, but positively failed over the last few weeks. Then you know when you suddenly spot everything you want at once? Well last week was one of those times for me.

I just happened to be walking through Boots on my way to work last Wednesday morning and wondering why on earth there were so many people in there, and queues a mile long at half past 8 in the morning – Then I spotted the 75% off sign hovering over the Christmas gift set section. I couldn’t help but be drawn towards it, especially when I saw the gift set I had been ‘ummming and ahhhhing’ over whether to buy when it was 50% off still in stock. So I swiftly grabbed the Hello Kitty Liberty Art Fabrics  miniature gift set off the shelf, and when i saw the price at £2.50 reduced from £10 I really couldn’t resist it!

The packaging I just love and the products inside are pretty lovely too. Inside you get a body puff (which I was in need of, so was an added bonus) 50ml Body Butter, 50ml Body Scrub, 75ml body wash and 75ml Bath Bubbles. The scent of each thing reminds me of strawberry and is very sweet but it also reminds me of something else which I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m really happy with everything and although you only get the miniatures, for £2.50 and a pretty box that can be re-used you really can’t go wrong. I also think I’m going to use the box to store some of my nail polishes.

While I was in Boots, I thought I would also pick up the eyeshadow trio gift set again from the Hello Kitty Liberty Art Fabrics Range. The packaging again is so cute and the colours just looked right up my street, and again for £3 instead of £12 I really couldn’t leave it there! I am yet to swatch them and try them out but they do look like they are going to be very pigmented so I’m really looking forward to trying them out. I also liked the little added touch of a brush and smudger included with the pots and really like the design of it and the brush feels so soft.

I also managed to pick up another little bargain in Topshop and got a set of 4 of their mini nail polishes (6ml) for £8, reduced from £15. Considering the full size 8ml bottles are £5 each I thought this was a real bargain. I’m not taken by all of the colours at the moment, especially not the pink but two of them really caught my eye so I couldn’t just leave them there. The shades included in the set were (Left -Right in picture) Daredevil, Beyond the Sea, Adornment (my personal favourite) and Paint it On. A review and swatch of one or two will follow soon!!

And just as another little added bonus I also picked myself up another MUA Nail polish because I was just so impressed with the last one I bought. This time I got Shade 21 (annoying that they aren’t given names!) – which is a dusky mauve/pink colour and the application is great. Comes with a small brush, so application isn’t messy and is easy to control and the finish is really glossy, even without applying top coat. I did find after one coat it was left a little streaky but the second made it perfect. I’ve been wearing the polish for 5 days now aswell and no major chipping has occured, so all in all really impressed!

So that’s everything I got (“,) Has anyone already tried the colours of the Topshop polishes? If so let me know what you thought!

I’ve got loads of blog ideas planned so I’ll be blogging a lot more over the next few days!

Thanks for reading! x