Nails & Face Of The Day!

A bit of a late night post, but after doing my haul and after such a long break without any posts at all, I was in the mood to do another. So here’s just a few snaps of my nails and face of choice for today.

My nail polish is the Maybelline Express Finish 40 in Shade 250 Deep Violet. Its a gorgeous purple with flecks of blue glitter which shimmers through in the sunshine. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up very well in the photo but it is really pretty. My Step-Nan actually gave this to me recently because she never uses it, so it was a nice little freebie for me and I’m really pleased with it. The only thing I will say is that because it dries so quickly, it does make it hard to rectify mistakes, but with a couple of coats you can end up with a nice even finish.

For my make up today I used the following…

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – Light Vanilla
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel
  • 3 Shades from the MUA Immaculate Collection Pallette
  • Topshop Lash Catcher Mascara – Black
  • Topshop Kohl Pencil – Saddle
  • MUA Mosaic Blush – English Rose
  • Topshop Lips – Crystal

Apologies for the lighting in these pictures…it looks like one side of my face is glowing due to the light from my window!!


I absolutely love the Topshop Mascara which is from their new Spring/Summer collection ‘Sisters of the New Moon’. I think it makes my lashes look so long and it doesn’t clump at all!! Amazing!!!

Thanks for reading! x


Collective Haul

So, here is a few bits and pieces I’ve accumilated over the last couple of weeks. They are only little things but I still thought them worth sharing with you all and seeing what you think.  The majority of the haul is stuff I’ve picked up from Superdrug over the last few weeks and then I also have a few bits from H&M and Topshop  too.

So first up, a few little bits from Superdrug, including their own brand acetone free nail polish remover and dry shampoo in ‘heart on your sleeve’. I haven’t used the polish remover yet but after hearing rave reviews about their dry shampoo I’ve found myself pretty disappointed with that. Although the smell of this one is really nice, I found that it left my hair looking more greasy than before I put it in. Perhaps I used it wrong so I will give it another try but I will say one good thing about it, is that it doesn’t leave white residue all over your hair like the Batiste ones tend to do.

I also picked up the Dove ‘Go Fresh’ Roll on deodorant that has a pomegranate & lemon verbena scent, which smells delicious! Again I haven’t used this yet, but I have used the lemongrass scented from the same range and found that really nice and refreshing to use. I also picked up another of the £1 MUA powder blushes, this time in shade 5, a coral/pink with a slight gold shimmer.
Probably my favourite purchases from Superdrug recently, have to be the MUA Love Hearts Collection  Nail Polishes and Lip Balm. These have only been released in a limited number of Superdrug stores but luckily the Cardiff store was one of them so I had to check them out. When I went in, these were the only colours of the range left, but were the ones I really wanted so I was chuft to pieces. I picked up three of the polishes in shades, ‘U Rok’, ‘Love U 24/7’ and ‘U R FAB’  (£2 each, bargain!!) and one of the lip balms in ‘Sugar Lips’. The lip balm smells lovely with a sweet vanilla scent and is a really nice pink colour. It’s very moisturising on the lips without being sticky and also doesn’t have a taste, so no temptation of licking my lips so much they end up sore again. I’ve only tested out one of the nail polishes so far, which you can see in my latest NOTD post. Like with the other MUA polishes I have I’m really impressed with the application and the formula means you only need to use one coat for the polish to be opaque on your nails.

On the cosmetics front I also popped into Savers and picked up the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On, which is one of my staple items. If you do use this I highly recommend if you have a Savers near you then buy it there as apposed to Boots or Superdrug as it is significantly cheaper there. I only paid £2.99 for it and in Boots and Superdrug it retails for over a fiver. So it always pays to shop around!

I’ve also lately gone a little bit Yankee Candle crazy, and recently picked up three of their samplers (Vanilla Cupcake, Beach Flowers and Cloudy Lemonade) because I just can’t get enough of the scents. As I type I have a small jar in Vanilla Lime burning which I also bought in the sale a month or so ago. Of the three I think the Beach Flowers scent is my favourite and the colour is also really cute. I cannot wait to sit back and relax in my living room with these beauties burning 🙂

I also popped into H&M and when I set eyes on these next things I couldn’t stop myself from buying them. They are just soooo cute and after a bit of break I’ve got back into wearing jewellery more often again. These rings come in a pack of three and were £3.99 I also picked up a pair of polka dot hair bows in the sale for £1.50. I absolutely love the ladybird ring because it’s so dainty and cute.

Lastly, (yes you can breathe a sigh of relief it’s almost over!) I picked up this cute little waist belt from Topshop for a bargain at £3. I absolutely love the colour and I have lots of ideas of what to pair it up with already, so hopefully it will be featuring in an OOTD soon!

So, that’s the lot, Thanks for reading! x

Nails of the Day – Thursday

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days. I’ve been busy back at work and just haven’t really felt like blogging as it’s been a bit of a weird few days. Anywhooo I’m back with another Nails of the day post. I’m really loving the pastel colour trend coming our way this Spring and love how they can brighten up my mood even on a grey, dull day like today has been.
I’ve gone for my usual ‘ring finger in another colour’ look and used ‘Love u 24/7’ from MUA’s new Love Hearts Collection along with Avon’s Nailwear Pro in Peppermint Leaf. I absolutely love these two colours together and think they really compliment each other well 🙂 The application of both is great. Peppermint leaf especially applies really nicely and the formula is brilliant meaning you only need one coat for the desired look and colour you see in the bottle.

Thanks for reading! x

Nails of the Day – Sunday

This is my first post of this kind, but as I’ve got a bit more time on my hands this week due to a nice break from work I’m thinking of doing this type of post everyday this week.

So today I’ve gone for a lovely warm mink colour base colour from MUA in Shade 21 with Rimmel’s Lasting  Finish ‘Disco Ball’ Glitter polish as a top coat. The mix of colour in the glitter really compliments the subtle base colour and I’m really pleased with the outcome.I’ve definitely had a thing for glitter on top of solid colour lately and think the trend will continue for a while.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading! x

MUA Junkie

Over the past few weeks I’ve been going through a slight obsession with the MUA Cosmetics range from Superdrug. Probably many of you have seen the range and thought for a £1 for the majority of the products, how can they be any good right? Well,  since trying out the Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow palette and being might impressed I couldn’t help myself but to try out some of the other products from their range and I’ve got to say for the prices you really cannot go wrong and I was really pleasantly surprised.

First I wanted to try out the Extreme Volume Mascara which retails at £2 as it is part of the professional range. The first thing that drew me to this product was the wand, after I had seen a picture of it in a post by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter and as a lover of big brushes I just knew I had to try it out. I picked it up in the Brown/Black shade and I’ve been really impressed with the results from it. The brush is fat and fluffy (not like my old faithful Max Factor False Lash effect which has plastic bristles) so is a nice change. It does lengthen my lashes nicely to give a false effect which doesn’t look too over dramatic, which is just how I like it. I wouldn’t say however, that it is especially volumising as I didn’t really notice any difference in the thickness of my lashes, but for me personally this wasn’t an issue as I’m not a bit fan of the thick clumpy lash look. I think if you did want to achieve that look though you would probably need to apply around 2 or 3 coats for the desired effect. The colour is nice and dark, and the formula applies nicely without any clumps.  For someone who isn’t used to using a large wand it may take a little getting used to, but again for me it wasn’t an issue as for me the bigger the brush the better! The one down side to this mascara is that I have found that it does smudge quite easily and can take a little while to dry so I wouldn’t recommend it if in need of a quick fix in the morning, as there is a risk of smudging should you blink or close your eyes too quick after applying, other than that though I absolutely love using this mascara and definitely think it will become a regular in my make-up bag, and for £2 it doesn’t mean breaking the bank either! Perfect!

I’m also an absolute sucker for pencil eyeliner so when I was in need of a new brown shade last month I thought I’d see what the MUA pencil had to offer so I picked up Shade 2 (£1). The first ultimate plus for me was that it comes with a sharpener on the lid (something my regular Barry M Kohl Pencil lacks), and not only that it sharpens the pencil effectively too. It glides smoothly across the lash line and is really easy to use and the colour is just perfect for me as I find a dark brown much more subtle than black. My biggest issue with this liner though has to be how easily it smudges, and it’s staying power for all day wear isn’t the best. I’m sure for blending at the corners for a smokey eye look it would work wonders, but I have found it a little dissapointing for everyday liner purposes.

I also picked up one of the lipsticks from the MUA range (again £1 each). I’m not usually a lipstick person but I have been looking to get into it more so I thought starting out with something more reasonable first would ease me in nicely to using it. I picked one up in Shade 7 which is a mild pink shimmer colour, although unfortunately due to the unnatural light in my photo’s it does look a more coral/pink in the swatch. I really love the colour, I’m just still not 100% sure it suits my skin tone, but I’m still going to persevere with it and perhaps try out some of the other shades they have and try and find the right one for me. There are loads to choose from so I’m bound to find something to suit!

Probably my pick of all the products I’ve picked up from the MUA collection so far has to be their nail polishes though, and although I only have one of the shades so far I am super-duper impressed with it’s application and staying power and also the colour I have is gorgeous!! I picked one up in Shade 23 which is a lovely khaki green colour (which I’ve had trouble coming across in nail polish) The application is superb, and the picture shows the result just from one coat. It leaves a lovely glossy finish without the need for top coat and the brush makes it just so easy to apply. As a nail polish obsessive lately I will definitely be picking more of these up, and I’m also really impressed with the range of colours that MUA has to offer, and there are quite a few I can’t wait to get my hands on.  For £1 just can’t believe how amazing the quality is of them, absolutely amazing!!

So there we have it, that’s everything I’ve tried out so far, and no doubt about it, there will be more added to my collection very soon! I also have the latest eyeshadow palette – the ‘Immaculate Collection’ but I’m yet to try this out, however if the pigmentation is anything like the shadows in the Heaven and Earth palette then I am very excited to try it out!

If you want to check out the full range of cosmetics that MUA has to offer then check out their section here on the Superdrug website, or see what they have at your local store.

Thanks for reading! x

November Favourites

It’s quite hard to believe that November has  been and gone, and Christmas is creeping up on us already. It’s quite scary how unprepared I am for Christmas this year, as there is only 20 days to go and I am still yet to buy one single present for anyone…I’m also awful at coming up with ideas for people, so that’s not helping one iota, and now with working full time, free time to actually go out and have a good look is slim. Money is also a sore subject this month (thanks to the tax office!) so it’s not been a month for any real new tries of any products, so you might see a few old favourites of mine 🙂

So here’s what I’ve been really enjoying using over the past month…

Soap & Glory Hand Food – An old faithful of mine, and as the colder weather arrives here my hands have definitely been suffering as a result. This hand cream is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone who is a sufferer of dry skin (and even those who aren’t) it really is a rescue to hard working hands, and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy after you’ve used it but still effectively moisturises and leaves your skin feeling super soft and smells lovely too.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Luxury Bath Float – This is actually a new product that I’ve been using this month, which I got in a gift set a while back. I’ve never used Sanctuary products myself before and have been pleasantly surprised by this. The smell is very refreshing and very relaxing for a nice soak in the bath after a long day at work. It creates great bubbles and turns the water a nice aqua(ish) colour (Unless that’s just my imagination) Leaves your skin soft and the scent lingers on your skin long after you’ve come out of the bath too. ‘Enriched with antioxident Vitamin E, hydrating freesia and moisturising baobab extracts’, I will certainly be repurchasing when I’m finished with my little travel sized bottle.

Dove Beauty Finish Anti-Perspirant – Might seem a bit of a strange one for a monthly favourites but I have a lot of trouble with finding deodorants that I can stick with. After a while I tend to find the smell of them just doesn’t work for me anymore and it’s very frustrating. This however I’ve found a real pleasure to use and the smell is very pleasant. Mineral enriched it’s also soft on your underarms and lasts and works well throughout the day. My only regret is that I didn’t pick more up while they were on offer for 99p in Superdrug.

Boots ‘Simply Sensitive’ Facial Wipes – As money has been a bit tight this month, I’d been looking for a cheaper alternative to my usual ‘Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes’ and these ones from Boots are just as good, if not a little better because they are cheaper 😉 They remove make-up really well, and are soft and gentle on the eye area and don’t cause stinging. They will definitely from now on be my go-to facial wipes. I also really like the packaging so that’s always a plus!

Topshop Cream Blush ‘Nutmeg’ – I use this blush literally every day and absolutely love it, it gives my cheeks a lovely flushed look without looking over the top and perfect for this time of year. I also love the consistency of the formula and how it applies as a cream but looks like powder when on your cheeks. You also don’t need a lot of product for it to look effective so it’s also lasting ages, which is always good in my book!

MUA ‘Heaven & Earth’ Eyeshadow Palette – Not a very original choice in the land of bloggers, I admit but I’m definitely a sucker for the natural look when it comes to eyeshadow and since buying this a few months ago, I’ve found myself using eyeshadow more often than I used to. The colours are just so easy to blend and you can mix and match with all of them and create so many different looks. The pigmentation is brilliant on all of the shades and lots of choice for highlights, lids and for the eyelid crease. PERFECT…and the best thing… it’s only £4!!

Aussie ‘Miracle Hair Insurance’ Leave-in Conditioner – Another staple product for me, I tend not to use conditioners when I wash my hair just because my hair is so thin and I find they tend to weigh my hair down and make it look flat and horrible. This stuff is perfect for after shampooing though and detangles perfectly, and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. My hair is also quite damaged from so much straightening so this also protects from further damage. Also smells scrumptious!!

What have you really enjoyed using this month, post me a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading! x