Primark Shoe Haul

So I just popped into Primark yesterday after work, just to grab a cheap pair of pumps to wear out for a family meal as I’d forgotten to bring any footwear apart from my converse with me to visit my parents for the weekend. The selection of shoes in Primark is always vast and I never have any problem finding a pair of shoes I love, and that actually fit me properly, which turns out to often be a blessing and a curse when I ended up buying shoes I don’t really need. Having stupidly small feet, in which in most cases even a ladies size 3 is too small for me, I always find the size 3 in Primark just perfect for me. As a result of this…my quick trip for one pair of shoes turned into me buying 3 pairs…I just couldn’t resist!

So first the pair I actually needed, I picked up these cute ‘reptile’ effect pumps, as they were described on the receipt with bows on the front. I actually picked these up in a size 4 because they are the type with the elasticated backs on them and the Size 3 just felt a little snug, especially when I was planning on wearing thick tights with them. I really love them and at Ā£6 the soles on them are pretty decent and a little thicker than the usual bottoms of the cheaper pumps I’ve bought there in the past. However, when I wore them they elasticated bits did tend to cut in the back of my heels which was pretty uncomfortable, and not very pleasant but I think they just need to be worn in.

The trouble with Primark (and I’m sure it’s not just me) when you see something you like but don’t REALLY need it, I use the dreaded phrase ‘it’s only…*insert low price*’ and often convince myself that buying it would be a really great deal. That is something that definitely happened when I saw these next two purchases. I spotted them and just thought they were really cute but also for casual shoes really smart as well, I was torn between which colour to buy, and then I saw the price of them and thought ‘ I can afford to get both!’ So I bought the Navy and the Grey because they will go with pretty much all of my wardrobe! They are also available in Black and White as well. In all honesty I am really impressed with the quality of these and I think the soles are pretty steardy on them and they are super super comfy…and they were only Ā£3 each!! BARGAIN!! šŸ™‚

So all in all I’m pretty chuft with my purchases! Have you grabbed any bargains in Primark recently?

Thanks for reading! x