H&M, Internationale & Primark Haul

It’s been a few days since my last post, so sorry for the delay. It’s been ages since I treated myself to some new clothes, mainly because over the last few months I’ve been really disappointed with what I’ve seen in the shops recently. I’m really not one for the whole over-sized look because as a petite girl it just makes me feel over conscious of being too skinny and everything just looks like it’s drowning me and sadly that trend is all that seems to be gracing the high street stores over the last 2 seasons.

I’d been looking for ages for a longline cable knit cardigan I could wear with a body con skirt and some tights and just a simple top and finally I found one last week in H&M for a very reasonable £19.99. It’s a really nice berry burgundy red colour which I think really flatters my skin tone and hair colour and I love the fact that it doesn’t come with buttons, because I hate when cardi’s have buttons low down and when you sit down everything just bulges over. I love the fit too, and even though supposed to be oversized, I just got a size smaller than I usually would wear but I’m still unsure about the way it falls and just the lack of shape it seems to give me, so I’m still 50/50 on whether to keep this or return it. (This is the first outfit post I’ve ever done, so please excuse the pretty rubbish photography, and my awful posture!) So here, I paired the cardigan with a simple stripe vest top tucked into a black body-con skirt (both from H&M) just for a simple casual look.

Some other bits I’ve bought over the last few weeks include some things I got in exchange for a cardigan that my boyfriend got me for Christmas which unfortunately was too big. Both the top (£8.99) and jumper (£14.99) are from Internationale which I’ll be honest isn’t a shop I’ve ever really thought of buying from before but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by what I found there. I’ve always rather snobbishly thought of Internationale as a bit of a chav shop full of cheap looking material but I really did find some nice bits that I’m really pleased with and the prices are also really reasonable and the quality really great. I absolutely love the colours of both and again really find them flattering to my colouring. I also really like the zip detailing on the top and the print is just really cute and the fit really flattering.










I’ve also picked up a few bits in Primark recently which I just thought I’d share they include a pastal aqua blue grandad cardigan (£10) the colour just caught my eye straight away (picture to follow), Black Shorts (£5 -bargain!) and a lovely navy lace detail collared top which I just think is so cute and can’t wait to wear it and pair a few things with it.

And that’s everything I’ve been buying 🙂 My first clothing blog completed!

Thanks for reading! x







Window Shopping Trip…

Earlier on in the week I went for a little peek in H&M before I had to go to work and as it turned out they had the majority of the items I had been eyeing up in my November Wish List in stock, it gave me a good chance to check out the stuff  I’ve been admiring online, in the flesh!!
As it would turn out the Fairisle cardigan I was fancying turned out to be horrible, my concerns about the hood turned out to be true and it did look very cheap and nasty and so I secretly thinking ‘phew’ as it was one less want I couldn’t afford and so saved a bit of money there!

I also managed to get a look at the navy and white fairisle jumper and the quality of it is lovely! It’s really soft and not horrible and itchy, so that’s still on the list of things I want! (I can hear my purse crying as I type!)
They also had the deer print dress in stock, which I have to say is just as cute in the flesh, but for some reason it is cheaper in store that it is online. That makes me quite annoyed as well seeing as they charge so much for posting, to charge more for an item on the website than in store is just a bit wrong. But anyway if you fancy it yourself go to your local store and take a look because it’s only £14.99 in the store and £19.99 online + postage.

I walked around with the deer dress in my hand for ages along with another cardigan I spotted while in store which wasn’t on my wish list (oops!) I’ve posted a little picture of the style but the colour I liked was more of a black/purple and also cheaper in store than this is online! I didn’t end up buying either of them in the end as the reality sank in that I can’t really afford it right now even though I think they are very good value for what they are.

I’m back in work tomorrow so I might have to take another little trip and try the dress and cardi on and see what they are like on before I buy them…although sometimes I just can’t be bothered to try stuff on in-store. We’ll see how it goes and maybe tomorrow I’ll have a little mini haul to show you 🙂

Thanks for reading!!