September (Cosmetic and Hair) Favourites!!

I can’t quite believe that September is coming to an end, but while I have some free time, I thought now would be a good a time as any to do a little run down of all the things I’ve been enjoying this month, things I’ve been using, wearing etc… Ā I’m going to do this in two seperate posts, one for cosmetics etc… and then one to follow for clothes and accessories šŸ™‚
I’ll be honest it’s been quite a quiet month for me in regards to buying new things for myself and trying out new things, been very busy moving out of my parents and into my first flat so most of my money has been going on household things. On the plus side though it’s enabled me to go back to my old faithful’s or rediscovering stuff I haven’t used or worn for ages and realising I still love to use them! (Pictures are to follow, I am currently visiting my parents for the weekend so don’t have everything I’m talking about to hand, and I’m using my Dad’s laptop)

The first product I’ve been loving this month, is actually something I bought for the first time, (even though I’ve just mentioned how I’ve hardly bought anything, lol!) and it is the Lipsmacker Orange Fanta Lipbalm. I grabbed this on a impulse while in the queue in Primark for Ā£1.50 and it is lush!! It smells just like Fanta, and sorts out my often dry lips a treat! The taste isn’t too overpowering either when it’s on your lips so it’s nice to use and it gives my lips a nice shine without leaving them sticky and tacky feeling.

Another product I did buy this month is the Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner. Now I have to admit, I’d never used toner on my face before, but after recently reading that it’s supposed to be a crucial part of your skin care routine, I thought I’d try a cheap brand just to see how I got on with it. To be frank, I’m still not completely sure what toner is supposed to do (tone obviously I guess!) but I have been enjoying using this just to give me skin a refresh first thing in the morning, and in the nights after I’ve taken all my make-up off. I love the smell of cucumber so this is really nice to use and although I usually tend to stay away from products with fragrance, this hasn’t irritated my skin at all and doesn’t sting so I’m really really happy with it, and at Ā£1.42 for a 150ml bottle you can’t go wrong šŸ™‚

I’ve been using foundation a lot more this month just to try and get to grips with it (being a bit of a novice) and I am really loving using the Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation in Creamy Ivory. It goes on really nicely and doesn’t leave me feeling like my face is caked in make-up, which is what has always put me off using foundation, and it even’s out my pale skin tone really nicely. I also like to use it as a concealer under my eyes when I can’t be bothered to cover my whole face, and it covers my dark circles well too. It’s not something that can last all day without a touch up here and there, but it’s still good enough for what I need it for right now šŸ™‚ I do still need to practice my application techniques though šŸ˜‰

My favourite nail polish this month has got to be Barry M – Navy. I wear a lot of blue and navy so this is a must have colour for me. Shockingly it’s been in my collection for ages, and only recently when I was trying to sort out what I wanted to move with me did I actually think to give it a try. What a fool I was to leave it so long, because the colour is delicious!! It’s vibrant but sophisticated and has a cheeky shimmer to it, to add a bit of glamour to my nails. I’ve been wearing loads since I rediscovered it!! šŸ™‚

My final cosmetic favourite this month is the Charles Worthington Front Row –Ā Ā Stay Cool Heat Defence Spritz.Ā I mentioned this in one of my first ever blog post a while ago, and this month I’ve used it so so much! It smells absolutely lovely, although if you do use too much it can be a little overpowering. It’s got sort of that hair salon sort of smell to it, but it is really nice. I’ve been using this on my damp hair before blow drying and then again before I’ve straightened my hair, and it leaves my hair lovely and soft and shiny. I’ve also found it leaves my hair feeling a lot thicker, which is brilliant as I sometimes get frustrated with my stupidly thin hair.

So those are all my favourite thing’s I’ve been using this month… as I said another blog will follow with all my fashion and accessory favourites šŸ™‚

What have you been loving this month? Feel free to comment and let me know!!

What’s the story…Soap & Glory? (Part One)

After recently having a big clearout of my bedroom in preparation for moving out in 2 weeks, I rediscovered my Soap & Glory Big Pink Set that I invested in just before Christmas last year. It”s been hiding in the corner of my room (all neatly in the cute storage box that all the goodies came in) for a long time with the odd delve in and out now and again when my Mam or I take a fancy to using something. (My Mam is currently using the Clean Girls moisturising shower gel)

With so many toiletries, and preparing to move into a small flat with the boyfriend who doesn’t have quite the same affection for them as me, I thought it would be a good time to try out things in order to decide what I’d need to take with me, and perhaps what I couldn’t live without! I’ve decided to review a few products as I use them from the Soap & Glory set, and I’ll probably do them in a few different posts rather than one big one.

So…I’m starting off with the ‘Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths’. Since my usual Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes have recently run out, I thought I would start using the ‘Off Your Face’ cloths seeing as they were there, rather than rushing out and buying a new pack of the Simple ones straight away. The first thing noticeable about them is their cute packaging, where they go beyond the mere peel back resealable flap, but also add a plastic lid to prevent the wipes from drying out, a really neat idea and one maybe other brands should take into consideration!
They also have a really refreshing fragrance to them, which smells really yummy. Some reviews I’ve read of these have said they smell floral, but to me they have a very minty like smell to them which isn’t too overpowering and really lovely. They aren’t the usual Soap and Glory scent, but still appealing!!

So…the performance. I’ve been using these wipes for the past two days and find them really refreshing on my skin, you can really feel them working and unclogging your pores, which leaves a great feeling after a long day. The minty smell to them means they also leave your skin feeling tingly and lovely and clean. Usually I tend to avoid using products with fragrance because they do more often than not irritate my skin, but I haven’t found that to be the case at all with these so far. They remove make-up nicely without having to put too much effort in, although I did find I had to work a little harder to remove my eyeliner, but still without having to be too forceful around my eye area.

Overall, so far the Off Your Face wipes have left my skin feeling refreshed, clean and soft and I have found them a real pleasure to use, and a nice change from my usual routine. No doubt I will return to my old faithful Simple wipes once I have used all of these, but I would happily purchase these again for a special change now and again, or if they were on offer (I think normally they are around Ā£4 in Boots! A little too steep for my liking!) So…so far, so good fingers crossed now that they don’t cause a break out in the mean time! hehe.

Any soap and glory products you adore and always re-purchase? Leave a comment and let me know (“,)