FOTD – Monday,Monday…

I’m always one for quite neutral eyes, and I’m always wearing brown/gold/copper eyeshadow with brown kohl pencil and mascara. So today I thought I’d go with something a little bit different and experiment a bit with one of my palettes. I’m usually pretty cautious when it comes to colour around my eyes, just because I always fear clashing with my hair colour. Having said that I’m really pleased with how this look turned out. I especially love the lipstick shade (which I never thought in a million years would suit me!)

So here’s what I used…


  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – Light Vanilla
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer – 1 Fair
  • Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades – Way to Glow
  • MUA Powder Blush – Shade 6


  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel
  • Sleek Divine Mineral Eyeshadow Palette – Original (Purple Shimmer & Matte Black shades)
  • L’oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss – Carbon Black
  • Topshop Kohl Pencil – Coal
  • Topshop Lash Catcher Mascara – Black Cat


  • Topshop Lipstick – Innocent

I’m so impressed with the pigment of the Sleek eyeshadows and will definitely pick up some more of them in the future and I also swear by Topshop’s kohl pencil, they are amazing and so easy to work with. I think I’ll definitely be experimenting with colour more often now.

Thanks for reading! x

Weekly Wishlist #2

I’ve decided after a lot of spending, on a majority of things that I don’t need that for the next month I am going to try and avoid buying anymore clothes or make up. Quite frankly I have more than enough of both and I just think it’s about time that I start saving some money for the future. It also gives me a great chance to use up everything I already have cosmetics wise, and get some good use out of all the clothes that fill my wardrobe.

Having said that however, that doesn’t mean I can’t still wish for things so I’ll still be doing my weekly wishlist posts, just so I can lust over things even if it means I don’t actually buy them. All of the things I’ve picked this week are all under £20 which brings temptation, but I shall be strong!!!

Black Zara Shopper Dube – Ebay £11.99

A much cheaper and pretty impressive alternative for the ever so popular at the moment Zara shopping bag. I was pointed in the direction of this beauty by Gemma’s Haul video on YouTube. I think the quality looks decent and I prefer the smaller size of this than the Zara one. I’ve been looking for a decent black handbag that I can use everyday for a long while, but I going to hold off or at least maybe treat myself when I know I’ve put some money aside for my savings.

Topshop Nails – Valley –  Topshop £6

This has recently popped up in my local store, and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know I find it hard to resist a new nail polish! The beautiful mint green with silver sparkle running through it is just beautiful and is perfect for the summer. I think it would look great for toe nails with a cracking pair of sandals…that’s if we ever get the weather for them!

MUA ‘Undressed’ Palette – £4

I’m a massive fan of anything MUA, especially their eyeshadow palettes. So I was super excited when I found out they were releasing a new neutral palette. It’s an uncanny dupe for Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ Palette and an absolute steal for £4. The pigmentation is amazing and the colours are just up my street. This is probably the most likely thing to be the culprit of me breaking my ‘no spending’ rule and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Sadly my local Superdrug’s range of MUA seems to be going downhill lately so I’m not expecting to see it in store anytime soon, so I might need to make an online order!

Coral Peplum Jersey Top – Topshop £16

I’ve been having a bit of a thing for peplum lately, I find it so flattering for my ‘lack of curves’ petite frame, because the shape gives an amazing illusion of curves. This particular top comes in a range of colours…dangerous, as it can lead to multiple purchases of the same top in different colours but that coral really caught my eye. I also really like the burgundy version as I think it will be perfect for the Autumn/Winter season that lurks upon us, i’m suspecting burgundy to be huge next season! I tried this on in my local store, and the fit was amazing and I actually think for Topshop the price is pretty reasonable too.

What are you lusting after this week?

Thanks for reading! x

Weekly Wishlist #1

I’ve seen quite a lot of people doing these sort of posts on blogs recently so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share with you all, some of the lovely products I’d love to get my hands on over the next couple of weeks. More than likely I’ll have to wait until my next payday before I can treat myself to any of these things as I’m trying to save some money to go towards either a newer car or a new laptop…I can’t quite decide between the two at the moment. This will also help me keep track of things I’ve seen around the shops and online so that I know where I can get them once I know I can afford a cheeky splurge. I’ll try and do these weekly, as I do pop into the shops after work most days, so I’ve always got plenty to lust after.

Essie Nail Polish – Tart Deco (Superdrug £7.99)

I’ve been admiring swatches of this on quite a few blogs recently and think it’s just the perfect colour for Summer. If I was going anywhere near a beach this year, this would definitely be a must have on my toe nails. I’ve also recently purchased my first ever Essie polish, so live in expectation of this being just as enjoyable to use. A little on the pricey side though and I also have way too many polishes so think I’ll hold off for a while yet.

Vectra Blue Studded Loafers (Topshop £28)

I already have the nude leather look version with the gold studs and have worn them to death since I bought them. They are so comfortable! I absolutely adore the colour, as I love anything turquoise. The photo doesn’t do them justice as they look nothing like this in real life as they are definitely more of a bright turquoise than the pastel blue they appear here. My only issue with these would be the canvas material of them, as they probably wouldn’t be that practical in the ever predictable wet British weather, but I shall continue to admire them every time I see them in my local store.

Denim Sequin Front Hotpants (Topshop £35)

These are most definitely not something I would usually go for, but when I saw them in my local store recently they just caught my eye straight away. I’m not usually one for glitzy things, but I love wearing denim shorts and I just thought these were just awesome and are dressy enough to wear on a night out without being too out there, with only the front of them being sequined. I did try these on and for me the fit of them wasn’t ‘arse on show’ revealing so they were just right for me, as I like to keep my buttocks firmly out of sight (not that there is much to see, as I’m sadly not blessed with curves) Again what puts me off is the price, as they are pretty pricey for a pair of shorts…but the detailing of the sequins might just justify a purchase at some point in the future.

Mint Sleeveless Sequin Collar Top (Glamorous – £23.99)

I’ve been lusting after this ever since I saw Alix from icovetthee wearing it in her ‘Shopping the Stash’ video. I think the colour is just gorgeous and the sequin collar is just really cute. I was thinking I would pair it with the denim shorts I’ve already mentioned but worry it might be a bit too sequin heavy? What do you think? Finding this little gem might also have opened a dark place, as I’d never heard of Glamorous before, but they have so many nice pieces on their website I’m now mentally spending rather a lot of money every time I visit, and it’s definitely now bookmarked on my browser!

So there we have it… What have you been lusting over recently? Are there any fashion websites you would recommend?

Thanks for reading! x


NOTW – Adrenalin Junkie in Fiji


It seems like ages since I’ve done a nail post, although its probably only been about a month or so. I’ve gone for a nail of the week post this time around, just because I’ve been sporting this look for an entire week and have been really impressed with the staying power of both polishes.

I purchased my first Essie polish a few weeks ago, and after all the buzz around the brand I was intrigued to try one out. I went for ‘Fiji’ which came as a surprise to myself because I’m not really one for pinks but I was really pleasantly surprised. It’s a really muted baby pink and looks so flattering on the nails. It even has the capability of making my very pale skin look less pale. I can only assume it would look beautiful on anyone with a tan.
I added a little something by using Adrenalin from Topshop on my ring fingers and was really happy with the end results.

You do need two costs of Fiji in order to get complete an opaque finish, one coat sadly leaves a streaky look. I also found the formula to dry relatively quickly and the big brush makes application a lot smoother and easier.

I think Fiji is definitely going to be a favourite over the summer months and think it will be my next choice for my toes!

Thanks for reading! x

May Favourites

My oh my! It seems like forever since I’ve blogged, and I’ve most certainly missed it. I’ve had such a busy past few weeks, with work and various other things and I’ve just felt too exhausted by the end of most days to even think about getting my laptop out. It hasn’t seen the light of day for soooo long! But I’m back and have loads of products I’ve been using lately ready to review!

I thought I’d ease back into things with a nice little selection of May favourites…I know I’m a little late with it now being the second week of June, but what the hey!

Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish
It would seem I’ve caved and jumped onto the beauty bandwagon and have completely fallen for this little gem. I never wanted to spend a silly amount of money on something I wasn’t sure would work for me. Having really quite sensitive skin when it comes to fragrance and scents in facial cleansers I was very weary. As a result I instead took advantage of a free sample in a magazine and annoyingly I was sold. Despite it’s fragrance it hasn’t irritated my skin at all (although I did initially suffer from a slight break out) and it leaves it feeling deeply clean, nourished and soft. I’m now making my way through my first 100ml bottle but I think I’m still going to keep an eye out for a cheaper alternative.

Garnier Intensive 7 Days – Soothing Gel- Cream
I’ve really been enjoying this recently as my skin has been especially dry and irritated on my arms and legs. The gel-cream consistency of this means it’s really moisturising but doesn’t take forever to sink into the skin, and so means no waiting around for ages to get dressed after applying straight out of the shower. It’s also non-greasy so leaves my skin feeling silky smooth without leaving it all slimy and uncomfortable. It’s also got a really refreshing scent, so an added bonus!

Gilly Hicks – Calla Bluff Body Mist
Fresh, fruity and the closest I’ll get to a beach this year. This body mist is just divine with the fresh scent of pineapple it’s just really invigorating to use and refresh your skin. It’s long lasting through the day and it’s so nice when you just catch a whaft of it every now and again. Admittedly, it is pricey at £10 a bottle but, a little goes a long way and it seems to last forever in the bottle too! I’ve had this bottle for about 2 months now (maybe even longer) and I’ve only used about a quarter, despite wearing it almost every day. Definitely my scent of the summer!

L’oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Sparkling Shampoo
I’ll admit, the sparkly nature of this shampoo is what first drew me to it and I wasn’t completely expecting it to do anything for my hair, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It’s lightweight formula means it doesn’t weigh down my annoyingly thin locks and I’ve even noticed I’m not having to wash my hair quite as often as it doesn’t make my hair goes greasy quickly. I can’t say I’ve really noticed that it makes an almighty difference to the shine of my hair as I don’t really suffer from dull hair no matter what shampoo I use so the glitter aspect is definitely a gimmick rather than a shine breakthrough for me personally. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this though.

Charles Worthington – Front Row Heat Defence Spritz

I recently rediscovered this in my collection after recently having my hair cut after months of it being pretty damaged I thought it best to try and take care of it as best I can and keep it healthy. This spray leaves a lovely texture to my hair, without feeling sticky and weighed down. It also gives a little extra volume, stopping my locks looking overly flat when I’ve straightened them to death. The smell is a little ‘hair-salony’ (technical term!) but it does the trick and I’ve really been enjoying it.

L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow – Sahara Treasure
This neutral golden/mink shade has been perfect for my everyday make-up look. It’s so easy to apply, as it glides effortlessly onto the lid and is really easy to blend. It’s really pigmented too so a little goes a long way. It’s staying power is also amazing, which is perfect for me for a long day in work, with very minimal creasing by the end of the day (especially awesome considering I don’t use eyeshadow primer) The little compactor in the packaging is also great for keeping the loose powder formula less fiddly and less messy to use. Beautiful!

Topshop Nails – Adrenaline & Razzmatazz

After reading so much about these around the bloggersphere before they were even released, as soon as they arrived in my local store I snapped them up straight away and haven’t left them alone since! Both, with incredibly eye-catching holographic glitter, add just that little something special to my nails. I haven’t braved using either on all of my nails, out of fear of it taking a century to remove, but I’ve regularly been using them on my ring fingers with solid colour all all other nails. Simple but cute! I’ve found Adrenalin looks great with Essie’s Fiji and Razzmatazz with Barry M’s Berry Ice Cream.

So there we have it! Have you used any of these products? What did you think, and what have been your favourites over the last month?

Thanks for reading! x